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Raycon Earbuds: Apple Devices Compatibility

Before shelling out cash on any new earbuds, it would be best to know whether or not the device is even compatible with your smartphone.

Raycon Global has landed with a splash in the wireless headphones market.

It’s one of the more affordable options for people interested in Bluetooth headphones, especially ones that are discreet like earbuds. 

In this article, we’ll explore how Raycon earbuds connect with Apple products and whether or not you should consider them over an AirPod purchase. 

Can Rayon Earbuds Pair With iPhone?

Raycon earbuds are not specific to any single operating system. Designers made these wireless headphones to be compatible with many Bluetooth devices. Raycon earbuds will pair with Bluetooth-enabled iPhones, as well as any other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, iPads, notebooks, or computers. 

However, iPhone 11 owners have reported occasional issues automatically connecting their phone to Raycon earbuds. According to Raycon, the problem stems from firmware changes with the new phone.

There is a way to address this, though, typically through updating your OS. We’ll detail it below, or you can check out Raycon’s troubleshooting page

How to Connect iPhone To Raycon?

Connecting your iPhone to Raycon earbuds will likely only take a few seconds. In about three steps, you can knock out the entire process.

To start, double-check that your iPhone, Raycon Earbuds, and charging capsule are all fully charged. If any one of these items is drained, the whole process could be disrupted. 

Raycon Earbuds have one of the most direct pairing methods of most wireless Bluetooth headphone devices. After they are fully charged, take both pieces from their capsule.

They should immediately be ready for pairing and appear as an optional device in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. (To find this, open up Settings > Bluetooth and then look under “Other Devices.” This pathway is also how you can check that your iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities are on.)

As soon as the earbuds’ name appears, you can tap on it, and the phone will connect.

Currently, Raycon does not have an app for their earbuds. Due to its lack of an app, you won’t be able to troubleshoot your earbuds from your smartphone.

Still, you also won’t need to worry about an app being compatible with your app store or device — no need to download any additional features or applications to pair your new earbuds. 

What To Do If Raycon Did Not Pair With Your iPhone?

There are two simple things to check immediately if your Raycon earbuds did not pair with your iPhone. First, check Bluetooth is turned on, on your phone. Without it, you won’t be able to pair anything.

Then, ensure that your Raycon charging case and earbuds are all fully charged. If these items don’t have any battery, they won’t be capable of pairing. 

For Apple users having issues connecting their Raycon Earbuds to your iPhone, even after the basic troubleshooting, double-check that your iPhone is updated to its latest iOS.

To check that your iPhone is up to date, preferably at a level of iOS 13.1.3 and above, check Settings. Once there, tap on General and look for Software Update. It would likely look like a notification toward the top of your screen.

Click on the latest update, if there is one there, and download it and install it. It will lock up your phone for a few minutes and force it to restart. After rebooting your device and typing your password in, you should have the latest software. Now you can pair your Raycon Earbuds as usual.

If you’re still having issues after updating, contact Raycon Global’s support team. You can submit a request on their support page or email them at support@rayconglobal.com.

Most users report that they respond quickly to requests for help and accurately advise you on how best to troubleshoot or handle the situation. 

Can You Talk On Your Phone With Raycon Earbuds?

You can make calls using Raycon Earbuds. While their Work Earbuds are best for making calls that sound clear as crystal, the rest of their headphone products are highly functional and will allow you to receive calls, speak clearly, and hear accurately. 

According to the company, the Everyday E25 Earbuds can last up to six hours while making or receiving calls, just on one single charge. After recharging in their charging capsule, you can make up to 24 hours worth of calls before needing to charge everything again. 

The Performer E55 Earbuds also run on a six hour-charge for making phone calls, but with its charging capsule, your battery life extends to 36 hours before needing to plug everything in. 

The Work Earbuds are designed to optimize your workday, especially for people who find themselves on frequent phone calls. These headphones feature active noise canceling levels to ensure you’re only listening to your phone call when needed.

These earbuds will typically last users just over six hours for talking or listening features. With its capsule, the earbuds will last over 30 hours.

Google Pixel buds also have a wonderful battery life. Check Raycon Vs Google Pixel Buds.

Are Raycons Better Than AirPods?

Raycon’s E55 earbuds are pretty strong rivals for Apple’s AirPods. Their noise-canceling feature is lightyears ahead of AirPods— which, as it stands now, AirPods don’t have a specific noise isolating component.

The call quality is somewhat similar for both, but the music varies a bit between the two. Raycon stands out for its bass-thumping and hard-hitting audio. 

Raycon products are especially great for gym-junkies. If you enjoy working out and heading to the gym, check out these products. They’re IPX4 rated, meaning that they’re sweat resistant. You can comfortably wear them, and they, typically, won’t fall out.

AirPods are durable but just not as accessible or reliable for gym-goers, runners, or bikers. They are great Earbuds For iPad Air.

We will note, the E55 may not quite live up to the overall performance levels of Apple AirPods Pro, but they can be significantly cheaper. If you’re looking for excellent headphones for a more reasonable price, Raycon is a company to check out.  

There are some features exclusive to Apple AirPods and iPhones — like the ability to check the battery levels on your AirPods and charging case straight from your phone.

Raycon earbuds will not have that ability because they were not made with any single operating system in mind. 

Best Raycon Earbuds Compatible With iPhone

Raycon The Performer E55 Earbuds

Last update on 2024-04-05 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

Standout pair of headphones that rivals Apple AirPods Pro, check out the E55 Earbuds from Raycon. The lightweight earbuds pair easily, fit compactly in your ear and create a clear, heavy sound. 

Raycon makes close-backed earbuds, which helps create more direct or intense audio. Its bass, for example, is pretty hardcore compared to other competitors on the market.

This feature also impacts call quality and noise cancellation levels. The earbuds are available in several colors, including red, blue, and rose gold. 

To form a perfect fit, you can adjust the tip of the earbuds. Raycon ships its wireless headphones with several ear-piece options, and it’s up to you to swap them out and see what fits best in your ear.


  • Strong bass for music listeners
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Comfortable fit within the ear
  • Specific noise-canceling feature available


  • Users report the earbud tips can break easily
  • Paint color may chip
  • Bass-heavy sound may make vocals challenging to hear in songs

Raycon Everyday E25 Earbuds

Last update on 2024-04-05 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

For a wireless earbud that fits well, looks sleek, and is more flexible for budgets, check out the Raycon Everyday E25 Earbuds. This Bluetooth-enabled headphone will pair effortlessly with updated iPhones.

It’s available in multiple colors and comes with adjustable ear-pieces to ensure that the earbuds fit well. 

The audio sound quality rivals Apple AirPods. However, the call quality may not be entirely up to par. E25 earbuds come with a built-in microphone, but some users report the audio sounds like there’s an echo or picks up outside noises frequently.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight; Won’t feel uncomfortable over long periods
  • Holds battery charge for a competitive length of time
  • Excellent for working out


  • Calling quality may sound slightly unclear
  • Listeners may not enjoy the audio if they don’t like bass-driven sounds

Raycon E100 Earbuds

A more elusive Raycon product you can find online is the E100 Earbuds. These headphones are a waterproof product— unlike the rest of Raycon’s line-up, which is only water-resistant. It sounds and functions similarly to the E55 earbuds but is for people with extremely active lifestyles. 


  • Sleek, reliable, tightly-packed design
  • Waterproof in up to three feet of water
  • Ideal workout headphones
  • The signal range for Bluetooth is about 30 feet


  • Often out-of-stock
  • Exclusive earbuds may be difficult to find
  • If you swim a far distance, you’ll lose connection to the Bluetooth source

Raycon Global has a brand store through Amazon; Instead of purchasing new true wireless earbuds directly from Raycon’s website, you can check stock availability straight from your Amazon account.

Final Thoughts and Best Pick

If your iPhone is Bluetooth-compatible, Raycon Earbuds are a viable option for wireless headphone listening. The headphones pair almost instantly, and troubleshooting is a breeze.

If you find you have issues connecting, Raycon’s Support team is known for responding quickly to your inquiry. 
Our favorite Raycon earbud for iPhone users is The Performer E55s. It comes with noise isolation and cancellation, fits like a glove, and will save you a few bucks compared to the Apple AirPods Pro.

Check out our frequently-asked-questions article about Raycon, or see how it stacks up to competitors here.