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Can Bluetooth Replace USB (Explained)

As much as Bluetooth is a pervasive element in the modern world, the use of USB still intensifies. That is why we have decided to research and create an article as to whether Bluetooth can replace USB in the future.

Can Bluetooth Replace USB In The Future?

Not very likely! Wired connections allow faster and quality data transfer & connect a range of devices simultaneously than Bluetooth. Besides, USB can be used to charge a range of portable devices which is very hard to achieve with Bluetooth technology in the future.

So, is USB a better option? If yes, what next for Bluetooth technology? Are there wireless connection alternatives? Read on to find answers to several questions surrounding Bluetooth technology.

Is USB better than Bluetooth?

USB outshines Bluetooth technology in various ways. These include speed, the number of devices you can connect at once, quality of data/audio, and distance coverage among others.

The difference in data transfer speed between the two technologies is quite extreme. Bluetooth 2.0 can allow a data transfer speed of 3MB/sec whereas USB 2.0 allows a data transfer speed of 60MB/sec. Theoretically, USB 2.0 supports up to 480MB/sec, but this is not usually what you get

Besides, the USB allows the transfer of better more detailed audio than Bluetooth. Bluetooth uses heavy compression to transmit audio which ends up compromising the quality.

With the help of USB hubs, consumers can connect up to 127 peripherals to a single port and use them simultaneously. On the other hand, official Bluetooth specifications indicate that you can only manage to connect to 7 devices max.

It is also worth noting that Bluetooth can only maintain connectivity between devices within a short distance, not more than 10 meters to be precise.

USB on the other hand will depend on the length of the cable and some are as long as 16 meters.

Same like USB, Bluetooth can transmit and receive at the same time.

Will Bluetooth become obsolete?

Already there are some wireless connection contenders that are looking to replace Bluetooth in the near future. Besides, given that Bluetooth has really struggled to replace USB, it can easily become obsolete with the emergence of the rivals that are suited to perfectly replace cables.

However, this may take a longer time to come to the effect given the newly invented ones come with their limitations too. For instance, you may find one better than Bluetooth technology in speed but only allow devices to connect at a very close range.

For that reason, they are likely to be used concurrently for a long time before one is completely out of use.

What May Replace Bluetooth?

The contenders in the connectivity throne that are looking to replace Bluetooth include Near Field Communication (NFC), Ultra-Wideband, and Wi-Fi Direct.


The communication for the near field is very short, 10 cm to be precise. While that may be a worry, allowing devices to communicate at a closer range is data security in itself. Apart from data security, NFC also uses less power compared to Bluetooth technology.

WiFi Direct:

WiFi direct may be the best alternative to those who don’t like the limited distance offered by Bluetooth and NFC. It connects devices just like you would use the normal WiFi, though it doesn’t require a hotspot or access point.

It allows the transfer of data at a faster rate compared to Bluetooth. It has been in existence for not less than five years.


With a data transmission of up to 480MB per second, here comes a wireless device connection technology that is nearly as robust as USB.

However, the speed reduces once the distances between the devices grow to more than one meter. But when well connected, the speed is enough to download 1080, 15GB HD movies in 30 seconds.

Will 5G Replace Bluetooth?

5G is one wireless technology that will conquer the rest. Meaning, once it will be well established, no more 4G LTE, no more WiFi, and of course no more Bluetooth; they all will be replaced.

5G comes along with a powerful connection capability that will render Bluetooth and many other technologies in the connectivity world useless.

It has the ability to connect numerous devices simultaneously than any other technology, allow data transfer with electrifying speed, allow for automatic control, among many other benefits.

However, the technology is said to be very expensive to build and maintain. For that reason, it will take some time before it fully dominates the connectivity world.

Is Bluetooth worse than Aux?

Bluetooth is inferior to Aux when it comes to audio quality. However, the technology outshines Aux when it comes to the range of devices it can connect to.

As mentioned before, Bluetooth relies on heavy compression to transmit audio and this compromises sound quality. AUX on the other hand uses analog end to end data transmission.

When it comes to device connection, AUX is only compatible with audio playing devices such as head unit, portable speaker, CD player among others. Bluetooth on the other hand is compatible with a range of devices like earbuds and projectors.

How Can I Make my Bluetooth Stronger?

You can make Bluetooth Storage in 5 simple steps:

  1. Remove Obstructions: Ensure there is no obstruction near the Bluetooth antenna on the electronic device. This includes metal, wiring, walls, or any other object. Check Can Bluetooth Work Through Walls?
  • Position your device properly: Position your Bluetooth device closer to the device you want to connect. The shorter the distance signals have to travel, the better the reception.
  • Turn off other devices: Ensure you remove other devices that transmit outgoing signals from your work area, as they may interfere with the Bluetooth signal. For instance, you may turn off the radio.
  • Purchase a Bluetooth router: Install a reception extender especially one that can extend reception up to a mile.
  • Update your operating system: Update the drivers and software of your device. Outdated versions can affect the functionality of your device. Visit your manufacturer’s website, get the most recent releases, download the file and prompt for installation.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth has been in use for a long time and if it were to replace USB, it should have done it by now. With USB still a more popular device connection technology, it means Bluetooth is not likely to replace it.

Instead, there are chances that Bluetooth technology may become obsolete given the rise in wireless connection competitors.