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Are Raycon Noise Canceling (Explained)

Do Raycon Earbuds Have Noise Cancellation? Raycon earbuds do not have active noise cancellation. However, you can get them to cancel noise by passive means. If you change the silicon gel tips on your earbuds you’ll probably end up with…


Is Jabra Elite 75t Sweat Proof? (3 Alternatives)

You’re an active person— you enjoy getting outside, heading to the gym, and just getting your body moving. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice excellent quality audio to nail a workout. You should have headphones that keep up with you!  Jabra…


Jabra Elite 75t Good For Small Ears (4 More Brands)

Finding an excellent pair of earbuds for everyday use is one thing that many people care about. This is already a daunting task, considering that there are thousands of brands offering earbuds. If you’ve got small ears like I do,…


Is Jabra Elite 75t Good For Running? (Guide)

Wireless earbuds are getting upgraded every year. Finest sound quality, ease of use, and improved connectivity are factors that people give special consideration to. Owning a good pair of wireless earbuds offers you the ease of roaming around yet staying…


Can Pixel Buds Connect To Multiple Devices? (Alt.)

After a lukewarm response to their first generation of Pixel Buds, Google bounced back with the truly wireless Pixel Buds 2 in October 2019. They got rid of the hideous fabric string that connected the buds, keeping their attractive mentos-like…


Can Bluetooth Replace USB (Explained)

As much as Bluetooth is a pervasive element in the modern world, the use of USB still intensifies. That is why we have decided to research and create an article as to whether Bluetooth can replace USB in the future….


Raycon Earbuds: Apple Devices Compatibility

Before shelling out cash on any new earbuds, it would be best to know whether or not the device is even compatible with your smartphone. Raycon Global has landed with a splash in the wireless headphones market. It’s one of…


4 Best Mechanical Keyboards With Macro Keys (Guide)

Mechanical keyboards allow more possibilities when we compared them to their membrane counterparts. In this article, we’ll explore what macro keys are and what the best keyboards for customizing them are. What are dedicated macro keys? Macro keys are a…


4 Best Mechanical Keyboards With Numpad (GUIDE)

If you want a keyboard with the highest accuracy that also helps you type faster, there’s nothing better than a mechanical keyboard. Want something that boosts your efficiency even further? A mechanical keyboard with a numpad! So, in this article…


Guide: Mechanical Keyboards With Wrist Rest

Perhaps you spend so much time typing on your computer that you feel your wrists could use some support to feel more comfortable. In this article, we’ll check the top mechanical keyboards that include a wrist rest. Are mechanical keyboards…