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Can Bluetooth Go Through Walls? (Improve The Signal)

Can Bluetooth work through walls?

Bluetooth and the human ear work the same way. Just like we can hear someone speak in the next room depending on how much thick the wall in between is, Bluetooth can work through walls too. However, it is mostly the range of a device and several other factors that decide how well a Bluetooth device will work.

The wider the Bluetooth range, the better signals it transfers. Most Bluetooth devices work properly within the range of a kilometer to less than a meter.

Does Bluetooth penetrate walls?

Yes, Bluetooth can easily penetrate the walls. However, it is the version and range of Bluetooth that is more likely to determine its efficiency.

Can Bluetooth signal be blocked?

Yes, obstacles in the surrounding can block Bluetooth signals. This depletion of signal strength greatly depends on the design capacity and the objects that are coming in between the connected devices.

For example, concrete walls, glass, and wood are comparatively denser and weaken the signals to a great extent.

It is also mention-worthy here that some Bluetooth devices with Low Energy models can stay strong for as far as 75-90m even with the pillars and walls in between them. Most of these devices use techniques to strengthen signals along with the latest versions of Bluetooth devices. 

Bluetooth range of Google Pixel Buds is around 40 feet.

What material can block Bluetooth signal?

Radio frequencies from a Bluetooth device are known for transmitting wireless signals from one device to another. However, there are some metals and physical objects that can block Bluetooth signals. 

Some physical objects become the biggest interference for a Bluetooth device including metal doors, cabinets, and refrigerator, etc. Bulletproof glass, plaster, and concrete too weaken Bluetooth signals but not as much as the metal objects.

Marble, water, and bricks have a mediocre tendency to inhibit the signals. Besides, plastic, glass, and wood can also block a Bluetooth device’s signals.

How far away can Bluetooth work?

The range and transmitting power of Bluetooth are directly proportional to each other. The higher the transmitting power a Bluetooth has, the longer the range it will offer.

Also, the power consumption of a device increases automatically when it is working hard to send stronger signals. A better idea is to use a device that has a higher transmit power to make sure the Bluetooth signal reaches far away.

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How many devices can be connected to Bluetooth?

At a time, up to 7 devices can work with a single Bluetooth. However, for better and increased performance, connect 3-4 of them depending on the type of device you are using. One should also consider the usage of devices when considering the number of devices that can work with Bluetooth in one go.

Some devices are data-intensive, and therefore, cannot work effectively with a lot of connections. So, you have to rethink the number of connected devices.

On the other hand, some devices themselves start working slowly indicating that you should re-arrange the load on Bluetooth.

Read more about how to connect multiple devices to Bluetooth in this article.

Always remember that if you try to exceed the limit of the connected Bluetooth devices, the stored information of the connected devices will start to get deleted on its own as soon as you try to establish a new connection.

What happens when you Bluetooth two phones?

Bluetooth pairing is a process to register the information of the devices involved. When you register these devices with each other, you can transfer data easily.

Additionally, once you enter the information, your device remembers it, and then you do not have to repeat the procedure next time. However, if by any chance, the information saved is lost, you cannot connect anymore and will have to repeat the registration process.

Similarly, when you buy a new device, you have to pair each device again to connect them via Bluetooth. 

There are different ways of connecting and disconnecting a Bluetooth device. Therefore, you should refer to your device and model before you start the pairing process.

What interferes with Bluetooth signal?

Some Wi-Fi devices use the same bandwidth (2.4 GHz) as Bluetooth. When similar, both the bandwidths interfere with each other to an extent that a Bluetooth device may face reduced performance. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can change your device’s frequency to 5 GHz.

Besides, there are some other Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, wireless speakers, baby monitors, webcams, and electrical devices that radiate radio frequency that interferes with the signals of a Bluetooth connection. 

Can someone connect to your Bluetooth without you knowing?

Yes, anyone around you can connect to your device when you switch it on. A technical expert in your vicinity can easily intrude on your device and use your information. However, for them to pair up with your device, the distance should not be more than 30 meters. 

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of a Bluetooth device.

Can someone hack a Bluetooth connection?

When you leave your Bluetooth on for a longer period, there is a possibility of it getting hacked. Once a hacker enters your device, they will be able to access your information like your personal data, screen, and even apps.

Most Bluetooth devices do not have wide connectivity. So, there is a very high probability that your hacker is walking right behind you in a shopping mall and is pretending to shop. 

A hacked Bluetooth device not only puts the user at risk but it also makes everyone in their contact list vulnerable to a security breach.

BlueBorne is a hacking incident that started happening in 2017. This breach gave hackers complete control of the device even when it was not connected to anything.

On top of it, it was able to transfer from one device to another, affecting them all.

How do you restrict Bluetooth?

To avoid pairing with unauthorized devices, you should enter an “*” in the non-whitelisted Bluetooth devices list.

Put in only the MAC addresses of the devices that you would like to pair up with. By doing so, you will be able to block the non-whitelisted devices. 

Does Bluetooth cost money?

Bluetooth is free of cost. It does not even use your mobile data. Instead, it works by using shortwave radio waves. This makes Bluetooth great for long trips. You can even use it in the places where there would be no internet connection.

The only way you will end up spending your money is when you use apps that are paid like Netflix or Spotify. Even if you are consuming these apps while using Bluetooth headphones, you will be spending on mobile data. Not the Bluetooth itself.

Should you keep Bluetooth on or off?

You should treat your Bluetooth like lights. Switch it on only when it is required and switch it off as soon as you are done. When you leave your Bluetooth on for long, you are inviting threats and hackers to invade your privacy.

Also, make sure your device is up to date and so is your security software to fight off any invading attempt.

How can you improve my Bluetooth signal strength?

You can improve your Bluetooth signal by following these tips:

Upgrade all Bluetooth devices

If you are using different versions of the Bluetooth devices, a better idea is to upgrade your oldest device to its newest version. This will only be possible if your hardware allows this upgrade. By doing so, you can substantially improve your Bluetooth connectivity.

Use signal repeater 

Bluetooth signal repeater works as a mediator between two Bluetooth devices with variable ranges. Put this signal repeater in front of the Bluetooth device with weaker signals and it will boost the signals to match the stronger bandwidth.

Product currently unavailable.

Use Bluetooth signal extender

Sometimes a Bluetooth signal repeater and Bluetooth signal extender are used interchangeably but there is a slight difference in how both the devices work.

A signal extender is connected with a Bluetooth device, emits stronger signals, and then, transmits it to another area.

Final thoughts

Bluetooth is one of the blessings we have for transferring and consuming data. Contrary to what many people think, Bluetooth can work through walls.

Though several factors may hinder its performance and weaken the signals, you can use these methods to increase the bandwidth of your Bluetooth device.

It is also important to make sure of the safety of your device when using Bluetooth because of the innumerable security threats it may invite. Above all, always keep your device up to date to avoid any threats and switch it off once you have finished your work.