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Raycon Earbuds: 7 Answers (Waterproof & Brand)

Your earbuds are an investment- and we know you’re looking to get a good value for the price you’ll eventually pay. Before you buy just any new earbuds, we wanted to explore Raycon specifically.

You’ve likely heard or seen advertisements for at least one of Raycon’s earbud models: the Everyday E25, the Performer E55, and the Work Earbuds. The company is getting a lot of buzz and markets its products pretty heavily. But are they worth the hype?

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Raycon and their earbuds, so you can decide for yourself on whether or not to take the Raycon earbud plunge.

Is Raycon Waterproof?

Raycon Earbuds are more water-resistant than they are waterproof. Take the E55 buds, for example. These headphones are rated at “IPX4 grade protection,” according to Raycon. That means that these headphones won’t get ruined if you’re sweating or get just a bit of water on them. It does not mean that you should submerge them underwater or go swimming while wearing these headphones. 

The International Electronic Commission sets IP ratings for tech devices. That IP number specifically identifies if an electronic device can stand up to dust or water. According to their waterproofing scale of one to nine, the Raycon Performer E55 earbuds rank at four. They’re “protected against splashing water.”

The E55s are fine for running, biking, walking, or hiking because they can withstand the rain. The earbuds fit snugly and don’t fall out or bounce around. They won’t last long in any body of water, though, or in the shower.

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The Everyday E25 earbuds rank as IPX4; they’re only water-resistant. On the Work Earbuds’ web page, the products aren’t explicitly labeled as waterproof or water-resistant. However, on Raycon’s customer service site, they emphasize that every Raycon earbud is ranked as an IPX4.

The company also notes that “water damage is not covered” in the one-year limited warranty. Raycon won’t be replacing your earbuds if you submerge them underwater. 

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Why are Raycon Earbuds so Expensive? 

Raycon Earbuds are reasonably priced in an extremely competitive Bluetooth headphone field. Most wireless earbuds worth purchasing are typically over $100. By comparison, Apple’s AirPods and charging case can cost well over $150. 

Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds will cost you under $100. They’re compact, extremely comfortable, and lightweight. The headphones come with a charging capsule and are useful for everyday use- hence the name.

The Performer E55 headphones are the next highest earbuds in Raycon’s current series. They cost over $100 but come with a wireless charging case and up to “36 hours” of battery life.

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Raycon earbuds are also pretty condensed, but they mold well to your ears. They generally feel pretty pleasant, even if you’re wearing them for extended periods, and they look great.

The most expensive Raycon headphones right now are the Work Earbuds. They’re nearly $150. However, this purchase also comes with a wireless charging case, and the headphones themselves have pretty cool features.

The Work set is noise-canceling, but you can easily switch into “Ambient Mode.” That means when you need to focus on work, the noise-canceling feature will keep out unwanted sounds.

But, when it’s time to chat, you can quickly change to the ambient setup to clearly hear outside sounds.

We did a comparison between Raycon and Google Pixel Buds where we spoke in detail about the price tag and all other aspects.

Is Raycon Owned by Ray J? 

Singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor Ray J is the founder of Raycon. He helped start the tech company in 2017, with the goal to create fantastic-looking, excellent-sounding, and genuinely affordable wireless audio.

He prioritized creating headphones that emphasize strong bass, offer reliable sound, and look cool, for manageable prices.

The earbuds are available in several models and varying colors. The company also sells a sleek set of headphones and several accessories on top of their earbud line. 

Ray J serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer at Raycon currently. 

Is Raycon a Public Company?

As of right now, Raycon Inc. is not a public company. Raycon is privately owned and not publicly traded.  

Is Raycon Sold in Stores?

You can purchase your own Raycon products in several ways, but buying them online will be your most reliable option.

One of Raycon’s most significant boasts is that their products frequently sell out. On their website, you will likely see a message like, “Selling fast: We’ve sold out xx times this year.”

To be sure you’re getting the product you genuinely want on time, it may be best to buy it directly from Raycon or the Raycon e-store on Amazon

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We want to note; Walmart lists several Raycon earbud products on their site online. We can’t guarantee that this means that Raycon is carried in Walmart stores as well, but they are at least marketing the product on their website.

Again, the earbuds go out of stock frequently, so even though it’s listed online, it doesn’t mean the headphones are currently available.

If you’re hoping to pick them up in-store, call Walmart ahead of time to double-check that Raycon is in stock.

If you’re trying to buy them online, ensure that there is stock available. 

The same idea applies to Raycon’s Amazon store. You may find Earbud listings that show a specific product is “out of stock.” Search through the Raycon brand on Amazon to see what products are truly currently available. 

Does Raycon Have a Mic?

Raycon earbuds are Bluetooth-compatible and do come with built-in microphones. The company shared the average battery lifespan of their earbuds (and consequently, the amount of time you’re able to talk on them) as well as how long it would take to recharge each device on their product support page.

Their team says that, for the E25 earbuds, users can talk for an average of six hours before the headphones run out of battery.

You can recharge your earbuds in the charging capsule three times before the case also needs a new charge. Then, it takes about an hour for the battery to be fully refilled.

If you are looking for an earbuds with longer battery life check Powerbeats Pro. The battery life on these earbuds comes in at an insane 10 hours before the earbuds need to be recharged. It is also one of Our 5 Favorite Earbuds For IPad Air.

The E55 earbuds, which the company says is their best seller, also last for about six hours of talking on one full battery. Users can recharge the headphones in the charging capsule five times before recharging the whole set.

It takes one hour to renew the capsule’s battery fully. It’s the pretty standard battery life for most earbuds on the market today. 

Many reviewers say the microphone and Bluetooth set to get the job done when you’re sending calls. They don’t think it’s particularly stellar quality, but the mic will work clearly and reliably. It’s a reasonably average feature.

Does Raycon Have an App?

Rayon does not have an app for their products at the moment. You won’t be able to control the balance, sound quality, or connectivity via one central application on your smartphone. If you dislike heavy bass, for example, you may find the earbuds slightly frustrating.

You can’t adjust the bass levels, and these headphones can deliver a rock-solid bass sound. 

The earbuds do pair pretty quickly with Bluetooth-compatible devices, however. They connect almost immediately, so an app may not be necessary for pairing purposes. 

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Are Raycons from AliExpress?

No. According to Raycon’s website, where you can buy earbuds directly, shipping appears to be straightforward. It’s free for orders over $30 in the U.S., and their company is currently shipping internationally to Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Your orders through Raycon are processed in an hour and, from there, it takes four to eight business days for the earbuds to deliver. For international shipping, expect delivery six to 14 business days after you first placed your order. 

Dropshipping is when a third-party seller, like Alibaba, for example, offers a product like Raycon earbuds. They may not have the earbuds currently in stock, but they will facilitate an order between an Alibaba customer and Raycon manufacturers.

Dropshipping eliminates the need and costs for storing inventory. 

Amazon does offer a dropshipping service through its “Fulfilled by Amazon” program. Manufacturers can ship products to Amazon and their warehouses, and then Amazon facilitates the storage, sale, and shipping of the product to customers.

Raycon has a strong brand identity on Amazon. If you purchase their products through Amazon, sellers may use a dropshipping method. 

Final Thoughts

The biggest pros for Raycon Earbuds are their comfort, size, and no-holds-barred bass. The headphones are lightweight and compact; they’ll consistently stay in your ears while you work out or go about your workday.

They hold well and will remain comfortable in your ears, even over longer periods.

If you like an emphasized bass in your music, Raycon will deliver. Their music thumps pretty heavily, without being too loud or overwhelming for your ears. On calls, the bass doesn’t get in the way of your conversation; your caller’s voice will sound normal in this earbud.

Beyond those features, Raycon is your pretty standard company. The earbuds are reliable, but the mic quality, price, battery life, and more are on par with Earbuds Alternatives.