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We all use it in some form or another; it keeps us successful at work, it streamlines our lives, and it keeps us in conversation with loved ones thousands of miles from us. 

While we turn to tech and use it every single day, it can still feel impossible to know what’s up from down in this field. The tech market is flooded with products; it seems like new advancements, updates, and gadgets are hitting shelves every single day. 

Web Wut was created to help cut through some of that chaos and make tech a bit more accessible and easy to understand.

How We Write Our Stories

We’re obsessive scrollers and are constantly checking out new product releases, tech Reddit threads, company reviews, and consumer ratings online.

We scour the internet, so you don’t have to.

Our product comparisons and product reviews rely heavily on personal experience and extensive research.

We carefully comb through what people say online en mass to investigate which operating systems, devices, or brands work well and what doesn’t. We may also reach out to an expert to better understand the tech we’re researching.

We watch video tutorials on products, read extensively, and when we’re lucky enough to try things out ourselves, we do!

We aim to understand how these devices work precisely and the features that make them stand apart from the competition. The goal is to make the tech field a breeze for you to make informed buying decisions.

Who We Are

The Web Wut team is a group of fun, curious people passionate about both tech and making your life a little easier. We’re perpetually online, and we want to make your time on the web a bit more pleasant.

Our Team


Based out of one of the top wine regions in Europe, Jody is focused on identifying the latest tech trends, hardware as well as software that are making noise in the tech industry. Current interest is in software products or anything related to automation, AI and SEO.

Our Mission

We all reach for tech every single day. At Web Wut, our mission is to help you get the biggest bang for your buck when buying new technology. We put in the time and energy to research products you see online or hear about in advertisements to see if they live up to the hype.

If you’re wondering whether a new earbud or computer monitor is worth it, we want to help answer that question. If you’re confused or questioning some new tech, we want to get to the bottom of that. 

Ultimately, we want to connect you with the devices that will best improve your daily life. If you’re going to reach for the tech anyway, wouldn’t you rather it be something you actually love using?


Web Wut works to review, test, and research the tech products that matter most to you. We are also an affiliate partner. Some of the links on this site are referrals, for example— an Amazon affiliate link, and we may make a commission when you purchase items through that link. It helps fund the website.

Contact Us

The Web Wut site is designed with simplicity in mind. We don’t have subscription forms or comment sections throughout the site, to cut down on extra, distracting space.
That said, we would still be happy to hear from you. Fill this form if you have any requests or suggestions for the site.