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Pixel Buds For PS4 (Way Around)

Sony PlayStation consoles have the reputation of being choosy about which Bluetooth devices connect to them. To avoid any compatibility issues, most people buy Sony’s recommended headphones and other compatible accessories.

Not everyone wants that. Plus, with the rise of new technology and better Bluetooth connectivity, nobody wants to buy two devices that serve the same purpose. So, how do you work around these PS4 restrictions?

If you own Google Pixel Buds, for example, you may wonder, do they connect to your PS4? What about other earbud brands? Let’s look at what’s possible and what you can do to connect them to your console.

Can Pixel Buds Connect To A PS4?

No. Google Pixel Buds cannot connect to your PS4. Most Bluetooth audio devices won’t connect to the PS4 because of compatibility issues. Sony has restricted third-party devices from connecting to their consoles. For you to connect your device, it must first be supported by PS4.

Unfortunately, Google Pixel buds are not supported. Even if they were, PS4 consoles do not support the A2DP sound profile.

Most modern earbuds, including the Pixel buds, and many Bluetooth headphones support A2DP and in principle, they cannot connect to a PS4.

That’s not the end of the story, though.

You can work your way around this roadblock by buying and using a PS4 Bluetooth Adapter dongle. It will act as a bridge between your Pixel buds and your PS4 Console.

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Can Earbuds Be Connected To A PS4?

No. Earbuds cannot connect to your PlayStation, at least not without some help. As you saw before, you’ll need an adapter to get full connectivity to your gaming device.

Why Connect Earbuds To Your PS4?

Connecting your earbuds to your PS4 has certain advantages: Let’s explore them.


Hands down, using earbuds remains the most comfortable way to enjoy playback when playing games online. Many earbud brands and designs are lightweight.

This helps games get a better experience because they can play games for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

Compared to headphones, earbuds feel weightless, especially for devices that also transmit speech. You’ll enjoy chatting with other gamers, engage in tournaments, and get an immersive experience just as you would while wearing headphones.

Speaking of comfort, Speed is as important. I recommend you check 5 Popular Laptops For OBS Streaming (Buying Guide).

Wireless Connectivity

This might seem obvious, but it is one good reason connecting your earbuds to your PS4 might be a good idea. No more cables to tangle around you when you move around.

You don’t even need to take your PS4 with you when you cross from one room to another. Also, you can have energetic reactions to stimulating gaming moments without fear of yanking any cables out.

Sound Quality and Stable Connectivity

Most earbuds, while not at par with what headphones could offer, still offer high-quality sound. Bluetooth quality has gone up, and this has favored the development of better hardware, which can support better SBC sound codec and other higher quality Bluetooth codecs.

This means that earbuds will give you amazing sound output, with heavy bass, balanced trebles, and mids as well.

Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0 offer impeccable connectivity over longer distances with better throughput than before. This means that you get a strong, reliable connection to your PS4 that will have you focused more on your gaming experience than on the reliability of your earbuds.

Battery Life

Any decent pair of earbuds will offer a battery life that is north of five hours. Some like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live stretching to about 11 hours of constant playback.

While this playtime is much shorter than you’d get from, say, your wireless headphones, you can still sustain extended gaming with little interruptions for hours.

Charging your earbuds is easier and takes shorter than any other alternative. For earbuds like Jabra Elite 75t, a 15-minute charge gets you another hour of use. This is quite useful, especially if you have to take a break to recharge yourself or your earbuds.


Switching between devices is becoming a more common phenomenon in our daily lives. Earbuds offer the best outcome, as you can switch between devices in quick succession.

You can disconnect your PS4 and connect to your phone in seconds, then switch right back after you’re done.

Multi-point connectivity is also a developing feature among earbuds that may come in handy. Being able to connect to two devices at once can be magical, and earbuds with this technology can be quite efficient to use while gaming.

Read: earbuds that can connect to multiple devices.


Earbuds are much cheaper than headphones. Also, you can get high-quality earbuds for the price you’d pay to get standard headphones, which is a massive advantage.

Using your earbuds on your PS4 saves you the cost of having to get expensive headphones.

Also, headphones that are compatible with PS4 systems may cost more, considering the PS4 can be quite picky on what Bluetooth devices it can connect to.

What Earbuds Will Work With The PS4 Via Bluetooth Adapter?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Last update on 2024-04-28 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an excellent selection for any true gamer with a passion for style.

These earbuds come with a two-way dynamic speaker system that pumps out that deep bass and crisp high notes with amazing accuracy.

Galaxy Buds Plus are tuned by AKG, which helps them deliver superior sound quality that rivals anything you’ve ever used.

They also come with adaptive noise-canceling technology, using a 3-microphone system to block out ambient noise that may distract you from your gaming.

You can squeeze a respectable 11 hours of playback time from these earbuds, making them one of the best for avid gamers.

Galaxy buds plus offer excellent in-game speech, which allows all your teammates to hear you clearly when playing your favorite game.

Apple AirPods Pro

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For hardware quality, nothing beats Apple’s AirPods Pro. Pioneering the angled design with a short stem, AirPods Pro earbuds are a beautiful pair to own.

These buds come with active noise cancelation that allows you to enjoy a full immersive gaming experience on your PS4.

Apple AirPods Pro earbuds use an adaptive EQ system to tune sounds and music automatically for the best gaming experience on your console. These buds come with a customizable fit for maximum comfort, and you can choose between a fit of three different silicone tip sizes.

The in-call quality of these buds is unparalleled, and you will enjoy unbelievable clarity while discussing tactics with other players within the game.

You can get up to five hours of consistent playback on these earbuds, which is quite satisfactory, but may be too low for hardcore gamers.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

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Inspired by Apple’s groundbreaking design, Razer Hammerhead earbuds also feature an angled tip and a short, thin stem. Much like their counterparts, they pack a punch on sound quality while being lenient with their pricing.

While they don’t offer active noise control on an in-canal seal, you’ll enjoy a well-balanced offset and deep bass. If you like your music loud, then these earbuds will give you exactly what you need.

The Hammerhead mic does a superb job, especially when you’re in a call. Your teammates will not struggle to hear you as you discuss maneuvers. Much like their Apple counterparts, the stem is touch sensitive.  

Sony WF-1000XM3

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Sony knocked it out of the park with these earbuds. They designed these buds to bring you an unparalleled noise cancelation so that you can focus on your gaming. They keep out all ambient noise from your ears, even louder frequencies.

Besides that, the WF-100MX3 offers high-quality sound for an amazing in-game experience, and their in-call voice quality is just as pleasant.

For those who love extended gaming, these earbuds will crank out a decent six hours with noise canceling turned on and two hours if you turn ANC off.

It also supports fast charge, and ten minutes inside its charging case will get you another 90 minutes of playback.

How To Connect A Bluetooth Earbud To My PS4

Note: Because most earbuds do not connect to the PS4 console directly, I suggest you get a PS4 Bluetooth adapter before you proceed.

Also, make sure that your earbuds are powered on throughout the entire connection process. Once you plug the Bluetooth adapter into your PS4 console, make sure that it connects with your earbuds before you begin the connection process.

Here is a step-by-step guide to connect your Bluetooth earbud to your PS4:

  1. Insert your Bluetooth adapter into any available USB port on your PS4
  2. Go to the top of the PS4 home menu and select ‘Settings’
  3. On the options displayed, select ‘Devices’
  4. Select ‘Audio Devices’
  5. On the ‘Audio Devices’ menu, select ‘Output Device’
  6. Select ‘USB Headset’
  7. On the ‘USB Headset’ menu, select ‘Output to Headphones’ then select ‘All Audio’

Final Thoughts

Learning how to connect your earbuds to your PS4 console can be helpful, especially if you’re looking for a wholesome experience. You don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to buy bulky headphones that may or may not work.

Instead, use a Bluetooth adapter and turn your earbuds into high-performance gaming headsets.

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