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Is Jabra Elite 75t Good For Running? (Guide)

Wireless earbuds are getting upgraded every year. Finest sound quality, ease of use, and improved connectivity are factors that people give special consideration to.

Owning a good pair of wireless earbuds offers you the ease of roaming around yet staying connected to your device and surroundings effortlessly.

Today, the markets are flooded with choices but not all earbuds are worth the hype. Besides, it doesn’t remain an easy decision to pick one out of many.

That’s why Jabra came forward with its enriched solution to stay on top in this fierce competition. It created a wireless earbud model which has brought proven results in its voice calling capacity.

This guide will reveal some of the best qualities of Jabra Elite 75t earbuds. Wondering if Jabra Elite 75t are good for running?

Let’s explore in detail.

Are Jabra Elite 75t good for running?

Yes. Jabra Elite 75t are good for running because the earbuds fit conveniently like no other. They are manageable with the perfect size to fit nearly every ear. So, you do not have to worry even if you are on the go.

The model is engineered to receive an extraordinary quality of calls. The customized features make it a seamless option no matter where you are.

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The four-microphone technology ensures there is no extra background noise. Noise reduction helps best when you are running. Plus, the technology helps you hear everything loud and clear.

The long battery life allows taking the earbud on the run for as long as 5.5 hours. Plus, the fast charging option allows you to get up to one-hour battery life in just 15 minutes.

You can also connect to Siri or Google assistant if you do not wish to stop and work manually on your device. The IP55 rating allows the earbuds to be water-resistant.

This makes the model even more ideal for physical activities. It can protect against sweat to enhance the durability of your earbuds.

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What to look for when buying earbuds for running?

Choosing the right pair of earbuds for running can be a daunting task. You have to look beyond the size and color of the earbuds to make a valuable decision.

Good earbuds for running must have fine audio quality, better connectivity, easy fit, great comfort, good battery life, and a compact size.

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that will help the runner and work devotee to move without worry:

  • Size and portability: If you are a gym lover, runner, or workout fanatic, you surely don’t have enough space to keep bulky earbud sets in your bag. Therefore, you should go for a compact size.
  • Connectivity: The pair of earbuds you choose for running should enable you to attend or even make calls.
  • Noise cancellation feature: If you are on the move, noise cancellation also offers a ‘Hear Thru’ feature that lets you adjust the noise cancellation to any level of your preference. It matters because it allows you to mute the sound anytime if you happen to see a nearby friend and want to stop to greet them. Furthermore, it will eliminate the need to avoid background noises so that you can hear the horns and stay alert on the road. Read Which is better: Active or Passive Noise Cancellation.
  • Battery life: A good battery life will let you run all the while you can without worry. It starts from 4 hours up to 9 hours. Ranging anywhere between this can be a good battery optimized life. Some even offer a quick charge of 15 to 20 minutes that can last up to an hour.
  • Durability: IP ratings matter because they can protect your earbuds from dust, moisture, and water. You should make sure that the earbuds you choose have an IP rating of IP55 at least.
  • Additional features: A good addition can be voice controls and assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa. They allow you to make moves without touching devices to take control.

Is Jabra Elite waterproof?

In truth, the answer is no. Although the Jabra Elite 75t are not water-proof, they are water-resistant. It means that you can easily wear them out in the rain. They can even survive well in a water jet spray or a pool splash. So, if there is a sudden rain shower or a big splash by the poolside, your Jabra Elite 75t has water-resistant controls.

But they are not specifically designed for showers or swimming purposes. This is because the IP rating of these earbuds doesn’t allow them to be flooded or completely immersed in water.

Not only this but several other chemicals found in the pools or oceans can harm the earbuds.

Can you shower with Jabra Elite 75t?

Although the earbuds are water-resistant, yet again, they are not waterproof. This clears it up well that Jabra Elite 75t are not suitable for underwater submersion. Slight water splashes or even raindrops are endurable due to their water-resistant quality.

The IP rating IP55 depicts that the model is dust-resistant and water-resistant but not waterproof. That’s why you should not take Jabra Elite 75t underwater.

If you are looking forward to taking a good pair of earbuds into the pool with you, Jabra Elite Active 75t is the right choice.

The IP rating of Jabra Elite Active 75t is higher than the Jabra Elite 75t which means it is not only dust-resident but also waterproof in comparison to its earlier model.

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How long do Jabra 75t last?

The battery life of Jabra Elite 75t ranges from 5.5 hours to 7.5 hours. The total charging time with a dedicated 500maA USB wall charger is 2 hours and 20 minutes. In just 2 hours, the earbuds get fully charged.

There is a fast charge feature in the charging case that allows rapid charging of the earbuds in just 15 minutes that can last up to an hour.

The ‘sleep mode’ is an automated option that gets active when the earbuds are inactive for 60 minutes. In case of no connection, the sleep mode is automatically activated right after 15 minutes.

What is the difference between Jabra Elite 75t and Jabra Elite Active 75t?

The difference between the two is in the IP ratings.

Jabra Elite 75t has an IP rating of IP55 which means it is dust-resistant and has a water-resistant ability. It can be kept under protection against small exposure to water or water droplets in the form of rain or water splashes. It also works against small dust particles and keeps the earbuds safe from dust.

On the contrary, the Jabra Elite Active 75t has an IP rating of IP57 which allows major protection against dust and water. It is not just water-resistant but waterproof which is what makes it an ideal choice for swimmers. It allows water submersion and can also be taken into showers because it can bear high-pressure heavy water sprays.

Other earbud brands that are good for running:  

There is a big list of good earbuds from brands other than Jabra. Let’s take a brief look at what they have to offer and how they differ from the Jabra Elite earbud series.

1. Bose Sound Sport Wireless

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Famous for its strong wireless performance and remote connectivity, this earbud is a good fit for those who want to keep it as a traveling partner.

Although the size is not as compact and portable as Jabra Elite 75t, the earbuds are still good in sound performance.

The earbuds are sweat-resistant and water-resistant. That makes them an ideal choice for runners.

2. Aftershokz Aeropex.

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The outstanding IP67-rated pair of earbuds is quite different from the rest in the group. They don’t go for your ears. Instead, they deliver sounds by settling onto your cheekbones.

The open design allows you to stay connected to your surroundings throughout the usage. Lightweight and comfortable, the set can have an even better sound quality to make it a perfect choice for all runners.

3. Sony WF1000XM3

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Sony has always brought amazing products to the market. With a performance level so high, the sound quality is not a bit compromised upon. The noise cancellation feature works best to make sure that the finest sound quality reaches the ear.

With exceptional optimized battery life and an effortless fit, the only drawback is its controls. With no volume controls, it might get quite uneasy to stay on the same volume bar for nearly everything.

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Final thoughts

Who thought earbuds might make running fun? With a bunch of qualities that Jabra Elite 75t offers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t claim it the best choice for runners and sports lovers. Compact size, convenient use, perfect fit, and excellent sound quality are few honorable mentions.

So, when you are out on the ground, Jabra Elite 57t can be a good pair of earbuds for you.

We hope that the detailed review has given you enough information to make a worthwhile decision. Now it’s upon you to think and choose which pair of earbuds suits you best.

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