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Does Adobe After Effects Work on Chromebook?

Buying a Chromebook makes a lot of sense to many, particularly students and young professionals who would like to get things done quickly. In any case, these mini laptops are light, compact, and easy to use.  Chromebooks are cheaper than…


Can Fusion 360 Run On Chromebook? (Alternatives)

Whether you’re a student who is delving into the world of engineering, a team hoping to design collaborative projects or a freelancer with a product vision in mind, Fusion 360 is a program that could be appealing to you.   Fusion…


Pixel Buds For PS4 (Way Around)

Sony PlayStation consoles have the reputation of being choosy about which Bluetooth devices connect to them. To avoid any compatibility issues, most people buy Sony’s recommended headphones and other compatible accessories. Not everyone wants that. Plus, with the rise of…


Can Pixel Buds Connect To Multiple Devices? (Alt.)

After a lukewarm response to their first generation of Pixel Buds, Google bounced back with the truly wireless Pixel Buds 2 in October 2019. They got rid of the hideous fabric string that connected the buds, keeping their attractive mentos-like…


Are Google Pixel Buds Good For Running (Guide)

Listening to your favorite audio and podcasts while you’re jogging is now made easy and comfortable through Google pixel buds 2. These pixel earbuds work great for running and offer consumers reliability, good-quality sound, and come in four different colors….


Raycon Earbuds Vs Google Pixel Buds (Reviewed)

In a rather competitive earbud market, two names easily stand out. Google Pixel buds and Raycon Earbuds have been with us for quite a while, and both earbud brands are elite in their qualities. From silky high-end hardware to immersive…


3 Popular Webcams For Google Meet & Classroom

While most of us are now working from home, having the proper tools and accessories, like a webcam and mic, is not a luxury anymore. It is essential for easy and effective communication whether you are a teacher, student or…


Does Google Assistant Use Mobile Data?

When people use their mobile devices, they often want to minimize the use of data. Not everyone has unlimited data, so they want to make sure they are conserving it as well as possible. Some people might wonder, then, if…