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3 Popular Mini Projectors For iPhone (Guide)

Mini or portable projectors are a direct and accessible way to watch whatever you want, on literally any surface. Their small size and occasionally adjustable features allow for flexible watching experiences.  Projectors have become a hot-commodity for work and entertainment…


Stripe Vs PayPal For Recurring Payments (One Winner)

Nowadays, businesses, companies or individuals are looking for a quicker system of paying their recurring charges. Stripe and PayPal make this process faster and easier. Let’s look at how these two payment processors compare when making recurring payments. If you…


Stripe Vs PayPal For Micropayments (Full Review)

When making payments online, buyers and sellers have a vast list of online payment methods to use. Stripe and PayPal are the most commonly used processors in the world. As online transactions increase, more people onboard these processors. Are these…


Alienware Vs MSI Monitors For Gaming

If you are a PC gamer going for a desktop, you have to pick each part carefully, including the monitor. In this article, we will explore the ups and downs of two different brands: MSI and Alienware. This way, you…


Stripe vs PayPal For International Payments (Review)

For some professionals, making an international payment is just another thing to do in the weekly routine. If you will soon need to make international payments and don’t know which platform best suits you, this guide will help you see…


Stripe Vs. PayPal For Small Businesses (Review)

Today, customers have a wide range of options for making their payments. Unfortunately, this makes selecting the right payment processor(s) for small businesses more complicated and time-consuming. Small businesses should consider many factors when deciding on a payment service provider,…


6 Cheap Earbuds For Students (Guide)

Are you studying for your final exams? Are you doing research for a term paper? Then this shouldn’t be new to you. Many students study while wearing headphones, earphones, or earbuds. In fact, it is very beneficial to use them….


4 Popular Webcams With Microphone (Guide)

Amid a global pandemic, many of us found ourselves working from home more than ever before. Suddenly, streaming and video conferencing became the popular way to communicate.  Nobody likes when their mic quality is poor or when their connection cuts…


Stripe vs. PayPal for Nonprofits (Full Review)

As a nonprofit organization, you need a payment system to receive donations on your website., which means choosing between different providers with various functionalities and fee structures.  Now, if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably narrowed down your options to…


Alienware Vs. MSI Desktop (One Winner)

No doubt, gaming can be fun and exciting, not only for young kids and teens but also for older folks. But if you want to enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience, you have to invest in the best gaming PCs. …