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How hard is it to learn Figma? (Beginner’s Guide)

Figma has been around for about four years now, bringing with it revolutionary features and ideas to the world of graphics design. 

Many developers and creative designers use Figma on a daily basis to deliver breathtaking projects with this web-based tool.

Whether you’re a beginner or a proficient developer, you can use Figma for all your design needs. But, you may wonder: What does it take to become good at using Figma?

How long does it take to learn Figma?

It is pretty easy to master Figma. If you have already used software tools like Sketch or Affinity Designer, you’ll learn Figma in just under a week or sooner.

But, if you are new to graphics design software, it might take you longer. You may have to learn the fundamentals of design. Once you understand the basic concepts, you can begin using Figma.

You can get up to speed on Figma using YouTube and many tutorial sites. You can learn about Figma at a professional level for free from their website as well.

Is learning Figma easy?

It’s easy to learn Figma. Beginners will find using Figma easy and intuitive, while professionals will enjoy a seamless experience creating and collaborating on major projects.

As a beginner, once you understand the best practices for Figma, you’ll have an upper hand when starting out your design journey.

You can also partner with other designers to render your work on this platform. In this process, you can share interactive feedback while working on the project simultaneously.

One of Figma’s competitive advantages lies in its collaborative nature.

Figma’s YouTube Channel is a rich resource that offers free tutorials for everyone. Here, developers can learn about this tool and improve their skills. 

Other sites like Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare also offer Figma courses and tutorials for a small fee. Once you purchase these courses, you can connect with professional tutors and a vast community 

Do you need to code to use Figma?

You don’t need to code for you to use Figma. This tool handles all your designs and projects pretty well using best industry practices.

If you need to convert elements to code, Figma will do that for you. With tools such as Figma Inspect, Figma plugins, and Export tools you can convert UI and UX elements into code without being a developer.

Render your designs on Figma independent of coding and achieve your design goal.

What is the best way to learn Figma?

The best way to learn Figma is to sign up for their education program on their website. They offer a free 2-year plan that features many benefits you can enjoy as a beginner.

Not only will you enjoy unlimited projects for your learning, but you’ll also enjoy access to unlimited viewers and editors.

You can also join and create communities with shared interests and build collaborative projects together. 

You can create shareable libraries that help build and improve projects across Figma.   

You can also learn Design directly from Figma’s resources on their website.

Another outstanding resource is their YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos on how to get the best out of Figma.

Beginners can also find other helpful resources from paid services like Udemy and Skillshare. For a small fee, you’ll find elaborate how-to tutorials that will take you from novice to professional in just a few months.

With a good understanding of the fundamentals, any Figma course will be a bonus for you.

Where can you learn Figma for free?

Figma’s YouTube channel is an invaluable resource that you can access freely right now. Their education program is also free for students for up to two years.

This program gives you access to all the tools of Figma free, as well as access to an enormous amount of free resources.

Independent content creators on YouTube also teach design using Figma. Some education providers provide beginners with free Figma courses and tutorials. Coursera, Udemy, Udacity and Skillshare offer such.

Can you use Figma for graphic design?

Yes, you can. Figma is a vector graphics editor design tool that offers free subscriptions.

Figma is a vector graphics editor design tool that offers free subscriptions. It contains all the elements you’d need to create beautiful logos, graphics for social media and presentations..

It’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows you to integrate your designs while creating digital products. Using their improved grid system, you can draw custom shapes using the pen tool.

As a designer, you can create and reuse your elements. You can also combine these components, making editing your work a straightforward process.

Another cool thing it can do with Figma is influence the result on your designs using vector networks found in the design tool.

Is Figma free to use?

Figma offers a Free starter package as a subscription option.

Anyone can create a Figma account on their devices with just a few clicks. Even though the starter package has some limitations, most features available will still produce quality designs.

Figma, for a fair price per month, will give you more features and upgrades on your account.

Some features that come with the paid packages include adding more teammates to a project. You can also run unlimited projects and build communities and collaborations with other designers.

Why do developers like Figma?

Figma offers more beneficial solutions for every developer. Below we list some features Figma holds to impress developers.

  • Figma works well on macOS or Windows. You can run Figma across platforms experiencing no hitches.
  • Figma makes it easy to import projects from other design tools. You can carry your work from other graphic design tools to Figma and continue working on the project.
  • Figma is a web-based app so you don’t need high-end devices to run them. Although your browser will still need to meet Figma’s recommended requirements, you can run it on any computer.
  • Figma is collaborative and intuitive. You can add investors, collaborators or colleagues on ongoing projects. This helps you give and receive feedback before launching prototypes to the market. Many developers can work on a single project delivering results faster.
  • Figma uses an intuitive UI/UX interface. Developers enjoy navigating through this tool.

Final thoughts

Figma is one the best dynamic design software tools available in the market right now. Getting up and running with Figma is quite easy, even for beginners.

Its collaborative nature makes it one of the best tools for teams and its vast community helps move Figma forward. Get Figma’s free forever account to get started on your new designer journey