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Are Chromebooks good for Content Creators?

Content creation has become a huge thing since tools for making videos and uploading them on YouTube are accessible to almost anyone.

Choosing the right computer to do that is essential, so in this article, we are going to explore how well Chromebooks do the job.

Are Chromebooks good for content creators?

Yes. Chromebooks have some limitations compared to most “traditional” laptops, but Chrome OS still offers good apps that help content creators edit their videos and photos.

The major limitation you could face with a Chromebook would be in terms of hardware power in case you are editing huge video files and adding plenty of effects and filters to it.

Are Chromebooks good for Youtubers?

They certainly are. However, we should consider that there are many types of YouTubers. Some only record themselves and use software to cut out some parts. Others get deeply creative and add as many features as possible.

For the latter type, Chromebooks can prove limiting tools as hardware is not powerful enough and the tools available might not give as much freedom.

But if all you need is to make quick edits of footage you recorded, cut stretches, and correcting the color, you can count on some apps from the Play Store or even browser-based applications.

Of course, depending on the app, you will have some tools beyond that, but don’t expect too much.

What are the limitations of Chromebooks?

This is probably the most important part of this article if you are picking up a new laptop only for the sake of content creating. Understanding the limitations of a machine will help you know if it is adequate for your purposes.

Since Chromebooks are designed to be cheap and lightweight, they are full of limitations compared to most common laptops.


If you look for Chromebooks at retailers such as Amazon, you find plenty of them with knock-off processors which aren’t very good.

Some Chromebooks come with dual-core processors, a thing that should already remain in the past. If you are looking for a minimally powerful machine, you should go for a quad-core computer.

And even those quad-core processors are not necessarily as powerful. Quad-core only means a processor has four different cores, but clock rate is a huge measure of power too, and the processors on Chromebooks usually have a low clock rate.

Many Chromebooks only feature 4GB RAM, which nowadays isn’t much. Some decent smartphones which are not among the best models already have 4GB RAM.

A 4GB RAM laptop is well suited for plenty of tasks, of course, but it won’t handle heavy editing, for example.

Storage is also where Chromebooks aren’t very good. Many cheap models have eMMC storage, which is very inferior to the type of storage employed on most laptops.

If you can afford it, the recommended is to get a Chromebook with SSD storage.

Operating system

Chromebooks are defined by having Chrome OS preinstalled. Chrome OS isn’t a demerit for a laptop.

It is well suited for less powerful machines and offers plenty of tools for people who only want a simple machine to do tasks with ease.

However, it becomes a limitation because you can’t download and install all the software you have access to on Windows and macOS.

Then, you have to resort to apps that are only similar but sometimes don’t do the exact same things as on those other operating systems.

On the other hand, as already said, it is an OS well suited for less powerful laptops. You wouldn’t want to install Windows on a Chromebook because Windows is a heavier system.

Since Chrome OS is developed by Google, you should expect the same speed as on an Android phone (Android is developed by Google too).

Are Chromebooks good for video editing?

Depends on what “good” means. Chromebooks let you edit videos, be it on browser-based applications or apps you can get from the Play Store.

However, keep in mind that a Chromebook isn’t as powerful as a Macbook or Windows laptop. What this means for video editing is that you will have to use software that is only capable of performing a simpler task.

You have access to fewer tools, filters, effects, etc., so you won’t achieve such a professional level as you would with the other mentioned devices.

Even so, some YouTubers like to use Chromebooks for their editing, be they beginners or veterans in the content creation industry.

If you travel a lot and want to be able to edit while traveling, a Chromebook is an excellent option since you won’t feel back pains from carrying it around.

Read more at Popular Chromebooks for Editing Video.

Does Chrome OS have a free video editor?

Yes. There is plenty of video editing software available for free that is compatible with Chrome OS.

They might lack some of the functions you would find in professional-level programs such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere, but they have enough tools to give your videos a sharp look and make them ready to upload into YouTube.

One of the most popular apps for video editing on Chromebook is PowerDirector. It has a desktop version which you can download on any Windows computer and an Android version which is available on the Play Store.

When you are on your Chromebook, it is the app version from the Play Store which you will download.

PowerDirector is one of the most complete free apps for video editing you can download for a Chromebook.

It has all the essential tools as it can trim clips, add effects, adjust the look, overlay audio, add music, stabilize shaky video, rotate, fix exposure, enhance colors, and export in 4K quality.

More advanced options are available if you are willing to make purchases in the app.

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Tools and Apps You Will Need For Content Creation On Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook, your content creating probably involves YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, or anything similar to those.

Twitch is another popular place for content creators nowadays, but a Chromebook doesn’t have enough power to stream with quality.

Content creation for the platforms mentioned involves many things which depend on what you are trying to achieve.

The most basic, however, is video and image editing. Sometimes creating animations also comes in handy.

In this section, you will know about some great apps and browser-based software which you can use on Chromebook for content creation.


Animations are useful if you want to teach or explain something with your videos. Even if you are not a teacher and don’t intend to make an educational channel on YouTube, putting animations on your videos breaks the monotony.

Also, animations let you express your creativity and convey ideas in the exact way you want.

PowToon is a powerful and widely popular animation tool. It is intuitive to use and offers plenty of beautiful layouts. It has a free version as well as a paid version that lets you use even more tools.


In case you want to try something different from PowerDirector, WeVideo is one of the most used web-based video editors on Chromebooks.

It lets you upload files from many places such as Facebook, OneDrive, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, etc.

If you are going for soft editing, a web-based application prevents you from filling your SSD with too many downloaded apps.

WeVideo lets you use it for free to try out its tools. However, when you use it for free the maximum resolution on your videos will be 480p. That is unacceptable if you plan to upload to YouTube.

The app offers different paid packages. Each one has different tools at your disposal and a maximum resolution.


Polarr was already recommended in another post here in WebWut as an alternative to Lightroom.

This app is considered one of the best, if not the best, video editing apps you can get on Chromebook. It makes up for the fact that you can get Photoshop to run on Chrome OS.

What makes users fall in love with Polarr at first is the fact that it has a clean, intuitive interface.

This alone already makes the app an awesome option for people who never edited images for content creation.

Veterans, on the other hand, already get paid off by the app as it offers enough tools to make your work look highly professional.

To make it appealing both for beginners and professionals, Polarr offers two versions. One is free and has enough tools to edit images and make them ready to go online.

The premium version, however, has more tools that are useful for professionals that create stunning pictures. Initially, you had to purchase it at once, but right now you pay $2,49 each month to have access to it.

Final Thoughts

Chromebooks, after all, are good enough machines to serve the purposes of lots of content creators.

The apps recommended here are only the tip of the iceberg. Polarr, for example, is deemed the best image editing app for Chrome OS, but you can discover other apps as good as it that perhaps offer complementary options. The same goes for video editing and creating animations.

If you plan to get a Chromebook, you will have enough time to explore the PlayStore and find out that plenty of developers are putting a lot of effort into making Chrome OS a delightful experience for all types of professionals.