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Can You Use Zwift on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are becoming popular everyday if the current sales statistics are anything to go by. Most people seem to love these mini-laptops because they are really affordable and support fast computing at extremely low costs.

They support all types of tasks from creating content to editing videos, and you will never have issues with your machine freezing for no apparent reason.

The only downside about Chromebooks is that they are somehow limited with native applications on Windows and Mac. Chromebooks do not support all types of apps and they rely heavily on web-based applications. This brings us to the big question: Can you use Zwift on a Chromebook?

Well, in this post, we answer this question and provide a comprehensive list of alternative programs you can use if Zwift does not work on your Chromebook.

Can you use Zwift on a Chromebook?

No. Zwift is not compatible with Chrome OS, meaning it won’t work on your Chromebook laptop. Even though Chromebooks can run Google Play Store, they do not support all applications available on Play Store. 

In case you are wondering, Zwift is simply a cycling and running app that allows users to interact and compete virtually.

The app makes indoor training and cycling fun since you can compete against other athletes in the Zwift community. You just need to download the Zwift app on a compatible device, create an account, and then start running, cycling or training virtually in the comfort of your home.

While you can use Zwift on a Mac, PC, iPhone or Android, the app does not work on Chromebook yet the latter is one of the most popular devices for work and play right now.

One of the reasons you cannot use Zwift on a Chromebook is that some versions of machines that run Chrome OS, particularly the earlier ones, do not have adequate graphics power to handle resource-heavy simulators like Zwift. 

Nevertheless, things are changing with technology reaching greater heights meaning this might no longer be the case in this era. The latest Chromebooks can handle heavy applications, but unfortunately, Zwift is not one of them!

Some people may argue that you can modify your Chromebook to support applications like Zwift. However, this is not possible. Zwift only works on selected devices like Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple TV. 

If you desperately want to use Zwift on your laptop, you may have to invest in a new device. However, we highly recommend that you try out Zwift alternatives tailored for Chromebook laptops. Another great option would be to run Zwift on your smartphone and then mirror it to your smart TV.

Zwift alternatives for Chromebook

If you want to use a virtual training app like Zwift on your Chromebook, then you have no option but to find Zwift alternatives. As highlighted above, Zwift does not work on Chromebook.

The good news is that there are plenty of Zwift alternatives that work just as well or even better on machines that run the Chrome OS. Here is a comprehensive list of a few Zwift alternatives that work on Chromebooks.

Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah is without a doubt the best Zwift alternative for Chromebook. The app offers dozens of features that you can use to track and analyze all your workout activities.

The best part is that it is 100% free so you do not have to worry about paying unnecessary monthly or yearly subscriptions.

The only concern about this app is that it has a very steep learning curve. This essentially means that it might take you a long time before you master how to use the app effectively. But once you get a grip of things, you will certainly enjoy Golden Cheetah on your Chromebook.


If you are searching for a simple yet effective trainer app for your Chromebook, then look no further than the Bkool app. The app promises to give you an impeccable 3D experience during your workouts and cycling escapades.

You just need to find the Bkool cycling app on Google Play Store and install it in your Chromebook. The app is available as an Android app so you shouldn’t face any problems getting it to work on your Chromebook.

RGT Cycling

The RGT Cycling app is another great alternative for anyone who wants to work out virtually using their Chromebook.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, but you can work your way out to make it compatible with your Chromebook device. You just need to go to Google Play Store and download the RGT cycling app on your device. Depending on the version of your Chromebook, the app should work without any problem.


Strava is a simple app that allows you to track your running, cycling and swimming activities. The app works with a wide range of devices, including Chromebooks since it only requires a browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer.

Whether you are riding or walking, Strava will record all your activities. The only issue about the Strava app is that you have to know a bit about Garmin Connect to your device.


The Rouvy trainer app is an excellent Zwift alternative, but getting it to work with your Chromebook might prove to be problematic. That is why we opted to include it as the last option on this list.

While the Android version of the app runs on Chromebook, you can’t connect your smart trainer. This means you won’t be able to access all the features of the app.

What devices are compatible with Zwift?

Zwift is compatible with a number of devices, but unfortunately, it is not supported on Chromebook. You can only use this training and cycling software on the following devices:

  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • Android

The company behind Zwift is yet to provide any updates on when the app will be available for Chromebooks. Plans might be underway to produce a version for Chrome OS. Until then, Chromebook users have to use alternative trainer apps with their machines.

Can you put Zwift on a smart TV?

Yes. You can download and install Zwift on a smart TV. However, this depends on the type of operating system installed in the TV. Zwift works with Apple TV, but it can also work on Smart TVs that come with the Android OS. 

Alternatively, you can download the Zwift app on your iPad or iPhone and then pair your device with your Smart TV through a process called “mirroring”

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Zwift is one the best virtual training app out there. However, since it does not work on Chromebook, we have to look for alternatives.

The good news is that there are plenty of viable alternatives to try with your Chrome OS . These options provide an interactive and immersive virtual training experience just like Zwift. They help you maximize your workouts without leaving the confines of your home.

Our top pick has to be Golden Cheetah, but you can check out RGT Cycling or Bkool since they also provide a memorable training experience.

Besides, all our recommendations are comparatively more affordable and they are compatible with Chrome OS but with a few tweaks, so you do not have to invest in another device.