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Top iMovie Alternatives for Chromebook Users

Looking for iMovie alternatives for Chromebook users? Check out our guide to the best video editing tools that work on Chrome OS. Get started today!

What is the Best Video Editor for Chromebook?

It’s common knowledge that Chromebooks are light, affordable, and easy to use. This means they’ve always been a popular choice for those who work online, travel often, and frequently use online applications like Office 365 and Teams. Despite this, few…


4 Popular Printers For Samsung Chromebook (Guide)

Getting a printer requires looking for certain specs and learning what the right model for you is. Especially if you have devices running an OS that isn’t the industry standard. That is the case with Chromebooks, and because of that,…


Chromebook For Geforce (Guide)

3 Best Chromebooks for Geforce: Chromebooks are not known for their gaming capabilities or breathtaking graphics, but the future looks different. In mid-2020, Nvidia and Google announced that the former’s trailblazing GeForce service will now be available to Chromebook players….


Chromebooks For Fortnite (Full Guide)

Fortnite has only grown in popularity since its release. The beautiful colors, the ability to play for free, and the fun gameplay have hooked people of all ages to play for a few hours daily. Some people, though, only play…


4 Popular Chromebook for Trading (Guide)

For an online trader, finding the right PC is arguably the most important aspect of the business, second only to getting a decent broker. Naturally, you want a machine that offers you speed, portability, long battery life, high screen resolution,…


Can You Trade on A Chromebook? (Beginner’s Guide)

While Chromebooks look like ordinary PCs and can perform most, if not all, tasks associated with Windows PCs, they are still relatively weaker on the hardware and performance level. For one, they lack the sophisticated range of microprocessors that many…


3 Popular Chromebook For Stadia (Guide)

It is widely known that Chromebooks are not machines meant to playing games, but rather for working and studying. However, in the last few years, Google released Stadia, a new option for gaming that should only require a steady internet…


3 Best Chromebooks for Office 365 & Teams (Guide)

Chromebooks are light devices both in weight and hardware. They are built up mainly for working and studying, so let’s check if they are any good to go with Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Will Microsoft Teams work on a…


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Apple users usually want every device they possess to be Apple so that they can connect with ease and access all their files without worry. Recently, though, Chromebooks gained the ability to connect with Apple’s services too. Let’s check how…