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Can Salesforce Admins Work Remotely?

The spread of COVID-19 changed the way many people work. Thousands of workers started working exclusively from home since March 2021.

Using the right applications became an even more important matter than before, so today we will take a look at Salesforce and check what types of benefits it gives to those working from home.

Can a Salesforce admin work from home?

Yes, Salesforce admins can work from home with all the comfort and without losing the ability to communicate. Many companies which rely on Salesforce use its tools in a way that makes it easy for everyone involved to stay at home.

That, of course, is only possible because of Salesforce’s very functioning.

What does a Salesforce admin do?

A Salesforce admin is the person responsible inside a company to manage the tools Salesforce offers and using each one in the best interests of the company.

Salesforce is customizable enough to match different types of companies, so an admin has the obligation of knowing how the platform works properly. That way, they can define the working of the platform to best meet the goals of the company.

A Salesforce admin will work close to the stakeholders, defining system requirements and so on.

Depending on the company, only one admin can be enough, but larger companies might hire more than one to take care of all the activities.

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If you are to become a Salesforce admin, know that your colleagues will count on you to:

  • Keep the platform up and running as it should.
  • Make the platform as comprehensible as possible for everyone involved, including newbies who just started using it.
  • Keep yourself updated on new functionalities and how they can improve the quality of work for you and other company members.

More precisely, the Salesforce admin will turn complex business processes into automated tools, create reports and dashboards to better visualize the flow of work, and train new employees who need to learn how to get by on Salesforce.

Not only will your superiors rely on you, but also the team of workers. With your supervision, you help them be as efficient as possible and develop a good relationship with clients.

Salesforce administrators sit on a very high position in the hierarchy of a company, so they are to be trusted advisors when it comes to Salesforce knowledge. It is possible to think of these workers as the link between tech and business.

Is Salesforce admin a good job?

Yes, and that can be affirmed through different perspectives. First of all, you get in charge of things that matter, so you don’t feel crushed by repetition, but rather work to solve issues, to deliver solutions, to help a team function as a proper team.

So, when we consider “good” as the opposite of “boring”, the Salesforce admin job is excellent.

Most people, though, probably consider “good” jobs to be the ones that pay better than the average. On that matter, a Salesforce admin job is a great job as well.

According to Salesforce itself, the average salary for admins in the US is $91,000 with an average entry-level salary of $79,000 and an annual growth rate of 400%.

Considering the two criteria approached, Salesforce admin is a very compensating job in more than one level.

Are Salesforce admins in demand?

Yes. In certain years, the demand rises, while in others, it dwindles. Last year it seemed like fewer full admin positions opened, and instead, companies were looking for devs who could also work as admins, thus a hybridized job.

Every year, more and more large and small companies are founded and use Salesforce to properly manage their businesses.

Also, existing companies sometimes migrate to the software after using competitor applications for a long time. The ever-growing ease of use and plethora of tools offered by Salesforce draw entrepreneurs.

Salesforce admin (or dev-admin) is not the only job in high demand, though. Other Salesforce-related positions also have plenty of visibility, since different companies need different numbers of qualified professionals to work with the application.

If you are looking to work with Salesforce but still are learning about the platform and the roles you can perform inside a company, here are the other positions you can consider:

  • Business analyst
  • Developer
  • Functional consultant
  • Platform manager
  • Solution architect
  • Technical architect
  • Project manager

Each position requires different skills, of course. Some of them involve coding, for example. Others require more knowledge on how to run a business and make a profit.

However, you don’t need to worry and know all of that. Since there is plenty of demand in the market, you can focus on what you do best.

Does Salesforce admin require coding?

Usually, a Salesforce admin’s job does not involve coding. However, more recently, some companies have been looking for Salesforce admins who can also work as developers, thus meaning the interested person must know to code.

The requirement of coding might push some people away from these jobs, but nowadays learning how to code has become easier as you can find online courses to take and be ready to work within a few months.

Now, even if you find a job position that is only for admin and does not mention coding on the description, having a bit of development know-how comes in handy.

As a Salesforce admin, you will work with developers who will leave some important decisions up to you. If you know nothing about coding, deciding for the genuine best might be hard.

So, if you are willing to become a Salesforce admin, study at least a bit of coding. It will be rewarding and will guide you better as a professional when you get yourself hired.

Can you get a Salesforce admin job with no experience?

The keyword here is “experience”. Applying for your first job in any field of expertise is always hard, especially because you don’t have a CV full of accomplishments to brag about. However, if you never worked for a company as a Salesforce admin, you can find other ways to get some experience.

If you are already familiar with the Salesforce environment, you probably already know what we are talking about. If not, keep reading.

If you are just getting into Salesforce, it is important to properly study how it works and practice.

The very platform offers you the possibility to practice on Trailhead. You get badges for your accomplishments, and the more time you spend on it, the more you learn.

While these badges do not count much like real-life experience, they are proof that you work within the platform and can do the most fundamental things your job position will require from you. Moreover, it gives content to discuss when you are getting interviewed.

In case you want to acquire other types of experience, one option is to volunteer as a Salesforce admin for non-profitable projects.

You can reach out to universities, churches, and other institution that may use make good use of Salesforce. Some of them might already use Salesforce org. Those who do not can benefit from knowing what it is and knowing you can set everything up for them.

Make sure you disclose your motivations: that you are doing this as a project to gain experience.

Perhaps you can think of other projects which would make good use of Salesforce. Put them into work.

Any of the suggestions above can become good talking points when you are getting interviewed for an actual Salesforce admin position.

You show the employers that you know how to handle Salesforce and also that you have the necessary initiative to be an admin.

What other jobs can be done remotely?

Even before the pandemics, plenty of jobs were already done remotely. With the help of computers and smartphones, many professionals became freelancers or simply report to their bosses via email, Slack, or any other resourceful platform.

One of the most popular remote jobs is content writing, copywriting, or blogging. The posts you find here at WebWut are all written remotely.

Many other sites you access that count with huge teams of writers also do everything remotely because of the convenience. Editing is a bit of a different job, but it gets included here.

Project managers nowadays work remotely as well. Of course, that depends on the company you are picturing. However, all companies need project managers and project developers, and during the pandemics, everything became remote.

Other jobs done remotely include:

  • Software engineer
  • Web designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Product designer
  • Product manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Content marketer
  • Social media manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Email marketer

Final Thoughts

Working remotely is a dream come true for many people. You don’t need to handle traffic, you choose what time of the day you will spend working (not in all jobs, but some of them) and, sometimes, you choose how much you work each day to meet your weekly or monthly quota.

Salesforce nowadays is one of the best applications to help companies make remote jobs work. Teams can communicate effectively with the help of it, and profit can skyrocket just like in any regular office.