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Can Salesforce Be used As Ticketing System? (Full Guide)

Any company offering support to customers needs to have a ticketing system so that said support is more comprehensive on both ends—customer and staff. In this article, we will take a look at Salesforce’s solution on that matter, and we…


Can Salesforce Replace Mailchimp? (Compared)

Marketing has become a highly competitive industry in the modern world. Different marketing and customer management types can be overwhelming for many people, especially those just starting their business.  However, there are helpful tools that can make the process much…


Can Salesforce Replace SharePoint? (Compared)

Getting the best software to manage your company, whatever it is that your company works with, is indispensable. We already have an article about whether Salesforce can replace Constant Contact. In this article, we will talk about Salesforce and SharePoint…


Salesforce Vs. Constant Contact (Compared)

Nowadays, with the competitive marketing strategies that different firms and companies are using, more and more businesses are getting help from marketing and CRM tools to prevent falling behind the others. Salesforce and Constant Contact are two of the biggest…


Can Salesforce Admins Work Remotely?

The spread of COVID-19 changed the way many people work. Thousands of workers started working exclusively from home since March 2021. Using the right applications became an even more important matter than before, so today we will take a look…