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Is Razer Laptop Good For School & College?

Razer is a popular gaming brand known for making high-quality headphones, mouses, keyboards, and even laptops. There comes a time, though, that gamers also need to go to college.

Today we are going to check if Razer gaming laptops are any good with the different applications you might need in college.

Is Razer Laptop Good For College?

Yes. Razer laptops are good for almost anything you need to do, be it in terms of gaming, working, and studying. Since these laptops count with great hardware including dedicated GPUs, they are well fit for programming, developing architecture projects, and anything else of any area of expertise.

The part which might make some people less inclined to using a gaming laptop for college is the fact that these laptops are usually too heavy to carry around.

This, plus the price, is the reason many students resort to Chromebooks and other models which are slim.

In the end, what counts is what you are going to use your laptop for and if you can afford two devices or only one.

If you are a passionate gamer who also needs to use your machine to write essays or develop projects on specific software, then a Razer laptop will do just fine and you can find a way to handle the back pain.

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Can Gaming Laptops Be Used For College?

Yes, they can. Gaming laptops have powerful hardware that puts them above the average device you would get to study. That way, they are perfect for anything you would need to do in your classes.

However, since you are going to use your laptop for more than one activity, and will probably carry it around for convenience, you need to take extra care.

Gaming laptops get hot while gaming, and if you take them everywhere inside your backpack, it is easier for them to get dust on the cooler.

You will have to open and clean your laptop’s inside with more frequency than if you just let it sitting at your desk to play games.

Another care that isn’t anything surprising is keeping your disk as clean and organized as possible.

Studying and developing projects might require you to download new software and create plenty of new files that will consume storage.

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If you start to accumulate too much software and files, your computer starts to get slower, delivering a poor gaming experience.

The solution for that is simple as you might already have guessed. Just delete all you don’t need, save important files on the cloud or in an external HD, and don’t overload your SSD or HD with applications you won’t use or aren’t using anymore.

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What are the pros of using Razer for college?

To be honest, Razer as a brand doesn’t benefit you directly when you use their products as a student. We should consider the whole range of gaming laptops when answering this question.

Using a gaming laptop has certain advantages depending on what you are studying in college.

If, for example, you are studying Philosophy or any other subject which is theory-intensive and requires you to read and type a lot, you don’t get any great advantage from carrying a gaming laptop around.

On the other hand, if you are studying to become an engineer, a data scientist, an architect, a designer, then a gaming laptop comes in handy.

All these professionals use heavy software that requires fast processing, and some programs also benefit from a dedicated graphics card.

If you are going to study any of the fields mentioned above and you will pick a gaming laptop, remember to choose a model featuring SSD instead of HD.

That way, booting is quicker and none of the software you will use will freeze, corrupt files, etc.

Now, if you simply plan to stay on campus a lot and want to take a break between classes and reading for classes and tests, then a gaming laptop delivers another type of obvious advantage.

You can sit down and play for a while to relax and help your thoughts find room to breathe.

That is important, and if you are a gamer, a gaming laptop (of Razer or any brand) will make that possible.

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What Is The Downside?

Some downsides might make you think twice before acquiring a gaming laptop for college.

The first thing to consider is the price. Gaming laptops have high prices since they are fine-tuned to handle heavy operations known as AAA games.

Sometimes you can find good laptops which are not made for gaming but are still incredible to use the software you need for college.

Other downsides, already mentioned, are their size and weight. Gaming laptops usually have huge displays and heavy hardware. After all, they have powerful GPU, and many times the cooling system counts with more than one fan.

Such components make gaming laptops heavier than other models. Sometimes the weight difference is slight, other times is brutal. Alienware laptops, for example, are a pain in the back.

In the end, though, what counts is what you will use your laptop for. If you are a gamer going to college or simply a student that likes to play games on the break and doesn’t really feel bothered by carrying a heavy machine, a Razer laptop (or of any other brand) can be an excellent deal.

Does Razer have student deals?

Yes. The company offers a 20% discount on gaming gear and a 5% discount on desktops and laptops. To get it, access it here.

To register into the program, you need to enter a valid college/university email address (.edu, .ac.uk, @student, @stud, etc.).

Countries that benefit from the student deals are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia.

When you enter into the Razer site to apply, be sure to check all the terms and conditions.

What is the best cheap laptop for college students?

That would probably be the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 or any other Chromebook with similar specs. We have several articles detailing Chromebooks here at WebWut, but in case you missed them, we can do a recap.

Chromebooks are lightweight laptops running on Chrome OS, a fast and light system with quick booting and high connectivity to the internet (they are all netbooks dreamed to be).

They are not suited for gaming, but rather amazing machines to write essays, papers, develop presentations, and even for video and photo editing if you find the right tools.

In case you think that Acer Spin 311 doesn’t meet your needs, you can find other Chromebooks with higher specs.

Going back to the Acer Spin 311, you can find different versions of it at retailers. Some will come with better processing, more storage, or other feature that can be meaningful for your uses. Check here to have an idea.

Is 8GB RAM enough for college?

Yes. 8GB RAM nowadays is enough for most games coming out, so it should be more than excellent to run the software you need for your college assignments.

If you are looking for cheap laptops just to read books and papers and write your own essays and papers, even 4GB RAM is enough.

Now, you should be aware that getting 4GB RAM and even 8GB RAM is walking on the threshold. These machines might need (probably will) a RAM upgrade in the coming years.

Are Chromebooks good for college students?

Chromebooks are not only good but excellent devices for college students. To be fair, Chromebooks are a whole family of laptops that are good for all people that don’t need heavy, colossally powerful gaming machines.

Laptops making use of Chrome OS have arrived to give something else to people who don’t care about the functionalities of Windows. While Windows laptops are expensive and require excellent hardware just to run properly, Chrome OS runs on any low-end machine with enough speed.

Such speed and lightweight you find on Chromebooks make them more than perfect to be used as your main device to take to classes to write annotations and to use at home when completing your tasks.

Final Thoughts

Going to college is an exciting new endeavor for many young people, and even for older people who decided to have a higher education only at an advanced age. All in all, what matters is studying and learning new things to keep your brain boiling with new ideas.

To do that, however, nowadays you need a good computer to be your loyal partner. Gamers will surely make do with their high-end laptops or desktops. Other people, on the other hand, might be worried about having to pay the price of a gaming laptop just to study.

If you are not a gamer, you can do fine with other types of laptops, such as the Chromebooks we just talked about.

Depending on what you enroll in, you will probably be informed if you need a computer and which are the minimum requirements to run all the applications. You can then pick a computer with just those specs or a bit more to make sure everything goes just fine.

As already mentioned, you can check our section about Chromebooks to find what best suits your needs.