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4 Best Password Managers For Brave Browser

If you’re using Brave browser, there’s plenty of password managers you can use to enhance your browser security. Of course you can start out with the inbuilt Brave Browser Password Manager, but you can also try out other options. 

Let’s explore some below. 

Why Do You Need A Password Manager For Brave Browser?

A password manager makes it easy to create, store, and change passwords. But, that’s not the only benefit you get from password managers:

To Secure Your Devices and Online Accounts From Brute Force Attacks

Many surveys show increasing security attacks on personal and business PCs. To keep your passwords secure from brute force attackers, you need a robust password manager. 

By setting up and updating your accounts with strong passwords you protect your information. Password managers are excellent tools if you need to create unique and unhackable passwords. 

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To Access Passwords Across Multiple Devices Easily

Password managers enable you to access all your login details from any device you own. You no longer have to remember your passwords to log in to any of your accounts on your tablet, smartphone or PC. Your password manager auto fills forms for you and still maintains the safety of your data. 

To Generate New Passwords

Instead of using your old password on all your accounts, your password manager can generate a new unbreakable password.

Random password generation keeps your online accounts secure from password cracking algorithms. 

To Conveniently Change Passwords

If you need to reset your passwords, your password manager makes the process easier. Most password managers come with inbuilt random password generators, so you never have to worry about thinking up new passcodes.  

If you change your passwords periodically, this feature can come in handy, too.   

To Save More Than Just Passwords

Although your password manager primarily saves passwords, it can store other sensitive information too. Take your billing information, for example. 

Many password managers store that information in case you need to make a purchase from a new online store.  Some also store your credit card details and prescriptions in case you need more medicine from the pharmacy. 

To Use Only One Master Password

A single master password gives you access to all login information a website needs on your browser. Depending on your device, you can add extra unlocking features like your fingerprint to gain access to all your accounts. 

What To Look For When Buying?

So, what should you look out for when planning to get a new password manager?

Password Storage

One key thing to look out for in a password manager is where it stores your passwords. You can store passwords locally or in cloud storage. Although both options are fantastic, they also have their problems. 

Local Password Storage

This option gives you total control over your passwords. However, if you lose your device or break it, you lose your passwords too. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the most ideal way to store your passwords, but with one major drawback. You can expose your passwords when using public or unsafe WiFi hotspots. 

Plugin and Device Compatibility

A good password manager works across multiple devices. Most password managers are already compatible with Mac, Windows, and iOS or Android devices. Some also offer browser extensions to secure your browsing experience.

Business or Personal Use

Do you need a password manager for your business? What about yourself, and your family?

Choose a password manager that serves a unique purpose or meets your specific needs. For your business, opt for a robust password manager with top-notch security features. 

Keep in mind you may have to share passwords or delegate management features to other users in your organization. For your PC, pick one that best manages your activities.  

4 Best Password Managers For Brave Browser 

Brave Browser Password Manager

This inbuilt browser password manager is available to all Brave users. You can use it to edit, reset, add, view, and delete passwords with little effort, and still enjoy excellent security for your passwords.

With a personal account on your Brave browser, you can store all your account passwords. Also, you can save your autofill information and have it ready for use each time you want to log in. Here are some of the main features of this built-in password manager:


  • Cloud storage for saved information
  • Saves passwords and login information
  • Automatic sign-in option
  • Password export option to other browsers
  • Autofill information 


  • Free and easy to use
  • Inbuilt browser feature
  • Syncs on many devices at once
  • No need for extensions 
  • You control all the information you save 


  • Poor security for public computers
  • Can’t compete with paid alternatives
  • Lacks the password sharing option 

What Sets Brave Browser Password Manager Apart From Its Competitors

Unlike other standalone options, the Brave Browser Password Manager comes packaged in one of the worlds most secure and privacy-focused browsers.

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Bitwarden is an open-source and free password management service. It comes with many password management features to help you store and share your passwords.

To test it out, you can try the free personal or business program.

For more enhanced security, upgrade to a premium Bitwarden account . Upgrading a personal account starts out at $10/year. For a premium Bitwarden business account, you’ll start out at $3 per user per month.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Transparent source code
  • Global access
  • Compatible with all major platforms
  • Zero-knowledge encryption 
  • Cloud storage
  • 24/7 Call support


  • Syncs with most major browsers and devices including iOS and Android
  • Can carry out third party security checks
  • Offers a password strength testing tool
  • Two-step authentication method
  • Better free option in comparison to other paid password managers


  • Limited functionality with the free package
  • Few subscription categories 
  • Needs upgrade to share password beyond 6 users

What Sets Bitwarden Apart From Its Competitors

Bitwarden has straightforward pricing plans. Although with limited features, you can still enjoy essential password management features free forever.

Keeper Security

Keeper is a classic password manager and digital vault that prioritizes security for every significant device, platform, and browser.

It offers high-end security features that will help protect your data from prying eyes. You need a subscription fee of at least $34.99 for upgrades.

Let’s look at more features of Keeper:

  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Fill web-forms 
  • Import from other browsers
  • Offers personal and business options
  • Zero-knowledge encryption 


  • It offers a secure password sharing experience 
  • You can toggle on or off the ability to save passwords
  • Proper apps and extensions for browsers and devices
  • Stores entire history of passwords and files
  • Offers personal and business dark web scan


  • A limited free version in comparison to other managers 
  • Pricey password manager 

What Sets Keeper Security Apart From Its Competitors

Keeper Security has unique plans for members of the Military, veterans, first responders, doctors, nurses and hospital workers. 


LogMeOnce is a fantastic password manager that offers extensive storage, resetting, deleting, and viewing features.

LogMeOnce comes with many components that aren’t as essential for an everyday browser or device user. Also, you’ll have to pay a significant fee to activate all the features.


  • Set a master password 
  • Identity theft protection
  • Cloud storage protector
  • Identity Risk Scorecard


  • Syncs with multiple platforms, devices, and browsers
  • A great user interface 
  • Offer extra features beyond what competition provides 
  • Account Freeze to freeze all accounts in case of security breaches
  • Multi-factor authentication method 
  • Schedule login 


  • Some extra features can confuse users
  • Expensive to activate the whole LogMeOnce Package

What Sets LogMeOnce Apart From Its Competitors

LogMeOnce does not require a master password. It also snaps a picture of whoever’s trying to hack your account. 

What Is The Best Password Manager For Brave Browser?

Bitwarden is the ideal password manager for all Brave browser users. It has much less hassle to handle, and you can set up a free account at any time. 

Bitwarden works for many devices and platforms and stores your passwords in the Cloud or locally with no limits to how you view, edit, delete or store them. 

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Final Thoughts

Although we chose Bitwarden, the rest are just as good or better depending on your needs. Try them all out and see which one works best for you.