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Is Web Development Stressful (Pros, Cons & Earnings)

People use the Internet all the time and by browsing through the zeros and ones, they discover different websites, depending on their preferences and needs.

The website we browse, like the one you’re browsing right now while reading this, is a finished product and while it may look clean, great, and easy to make, the process is quite complicated and it can cause a lot of stress for the people who worked hard on creating the best possible website for your enjoyment.

This article is dedicated to those people!

Is Web Development Stressful?

Web development can certainly be a stressful job. Alongside the general stressors such as time limits, demanding clients, and complex coding, web developers also have to satisfy certain artistic criteria that are definitely going to create more stress for them, although this is commonly given to web designers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the working conditions of a web developer, including the advantages and disadvantages of being a web developer, the salaries, and the necessary skills.

So, if you want to know more about how difficult it is to be a web developer, keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

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Is being a web developer hard?

Like many other jobs, starting off as a web developer might be difficult, especially if you have no prior experience or knowledge.

The process of developing a website’s core involves a lot of coding, constant maintenance, and requires knowing your programming languages on a high level.

Plus, there’s the constant updates as well as demands from the owners to change this or that, so there’s really a lot of work involved.

Sometimes, the work lies on the border between difficult and just plain annoying, but we think that it’s definitely worth it.

If you work hard and persistently, you’ll be able to grasp the little secrets that will make your job easier.

Is Web development still a good career in 2021?

If you had any dilemmas about this, we need to set you straight – web developers are going to be hot on the market in 2021. Web development has been generally popular among employers in recent years and there is absolutely nothing to say that it will not remain like that in 2021.

Every respectable company – minor or major – needs a good, professional-looking website and this is where web developers come in.

Also, the current pandemic seems to have raised the usage of Internet shopping, which will further increase the need for web developers, as more and more companies are going to need great websites.

Do web developers work from home?

This depends on your employer, but web developers certainly can work from home. There are some companies that give the developers their own office space as they need to be around for quick maintenance and to – perhaps – deal with the servers.

On the other hand, coding and maintaining a website is something that can be done from home, which means that web developers actually can work from home, which is good to know in these turbulent times.

You’ll need a suitable PC for programming to help you perform.

What are the disadvantages of being a web developer?

If you like this line of work, web development won’t be overly problematic for you, but we have found some issues that might cause problems for some people:

  • a web developer is required to sit for extended periods of time
  • the working hours can be really, really long
  • you need to constantly educate yourself and expand your knowledge
  • multitasking is a necessity
  • the work could get monotonous if there’s no creativity involved
  • since websites require constant maintenance, you’re never really done with your work, regardless of how much work you actually do.

How much does a beginner web developer make?

The question of salary is important for any job, meaning that a web developer is no exception.

A front-end web developer, Front-end developers work with the code and this is the entry point for most web developers, will earn around $61,500 per year on average.

Although this depends a lot on your location. For example, the annual average on the West Coast is around $80,000, which is significantly more than the national average and the average on the East Coast.

This salary increases to around $108,000 per year after three years of experience. While back-end developers can earn around $127,000 per year, which is a significant increase from the initial average.

Do you need math for Web development?

Mathematics was never a popular subject in schools anywhere in the world, but future web developers might be wondering whether they have to have good math skills to be good web developers.

We suggest upping your geometry skills and taking specialized courses that combine math and web coding.

But other than that, you won’t need much outside your basic math skills, although being good in mathematics will certainly be very helpful if you plan on working as a web developer at one point in your life.

How do Web developers make money?

Web developers are in a pretty good position in today’s labor market. Namely, they can work as regular employees for a company and earn money that way, but they can also work as freelancers and get paid per commission.

There are many ways to earn money as a web developer and you can even combine these two methods, i.e., work for a company and do some work on the side as a freelancer, which will significantly increase your salary.

The opportunities are endless and there are more and more clients that demand great websites, so you probably won’t be out of work.

Final Thoughts

And with this, we conclude today’s article. We have given you all the relevant information you need to know if you’re considering a career in web development, including how stressful it is, how much it pays and what knowledge you have to possess to be a successful web developer.

We hope this article has been of use to you and that we have cleared the situation up for you. Until next time!