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5 Best Webcams for Proctored Exams & Online Learning

Online exams have become part of every student’s life, today. The global health crisis has forced companies and colleges to opt for online exams and assessments. The monitoring of online exams is a topic that has gained the attention of…


6 Webcams For Zoom Exercise Classes (Guide)

In hurry? here is the top two: It is well-known that most built-in webcams, on either a laptop, smart TVs, Ipads, or PCs, don’t come equipped with a variety of features needed to achieve a successful communication experience. Investing in…


3 Popular Webcams For Google Meet & Classroom

While most of us are now working from home, having the proper tools and accessories, like a webcam and mic, is not a luxury anymore. It is essential for easy and effective communication whether you are a teacher, student or…


Is Web Development Stressful (Pros, Cons & Earnings)

People use the Internet all the time and by browsing through the zeros and ones, they discover different websites, depending on their preferences and needs. The website we browse, like the one you’re browsing right now while reading this, is…


Asus Laptops for Online Teaching (Guide)

3 Best Asus Laptop for Online Teaching: Online classes have become quite popular and common, especially as a way to combat the pandemic. Asus makes some of the world’s best laptops. If you are a teacher, you also may want…

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4 Best Tablets for Zoom Meeting & Classes 2022

Online meeting apps have been around for a while. They have always been incredibly useful for digital meetings and online skill-sharing. However, in recent times, the popularity and use of apps like Zoom and Meet drastically increased. In this article,…


6 Cheap Earbuds For Students (Guide)

Are you studying for your final exams? Are you doing research for a term paper? Then this shouldn’t be new to you. Many students study while wearing headphones, earphones, or earbuds. In fact, it is very beneficial to use them….