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Can Brave Browser Be Hacked (8 Short Answers)

The Brave browser is the second most secure browser after Tor. It is even regarded by many tech enthusiasts as a perfect replacement for Google Chrome. 

Although its most popular features are in-built ad and tracker blocking capabilities, its alleged information security safeguards are equally striking. 

Read on to learn more about these and other key other features that make this browser safer and more popular among web users.

Can Brave Browser Be Hacked? 

No. It is near impossible for anyone to hack the Brave browser. This is mainly because Brave is open-source software, meaning that thousands of developers are always working to identify any bugs and weak points. 

Brave Software Inc., the company that owns the browser, runs a bug bounty program. Under the program, security analysts who identify issues with the software are paid handsomely for every issue detected. 

Even then, there are only a handful of issues identified per year, most of which are not serious enough to threaten the browser.

Nonetheless, it is possible for malicious people to hijack Brave browser apps installed on individual devices. They mostly achieve this by luring users to click on links that take them to infected websites.

The browser hijacking software will install itself on your device once you click on any ad or image.

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Hackers can also gain access to your Brave browser if you download an infected file. This is an especially high risk for people who like downloading movies and music from random sites.

Lastly, hackers may create fake Brave browser apps. These apps may look exactly like the original software and work just as well. The only notable difference may be the spelling of the domain name, which is, unfortunately, not as clear to many people.

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For instance, in July 2021, hackers spoofed the Brave.com website and created an identical site called Bravė.com. The fake site did not only have a valid TLS certificate but also ranked first on Google. 

Suffice to say, thousands of people inadvertently downloaded this fake software and gave the hackers open access to their information.

Is Brave Browser Safe To Use?

Yes. Brave browser is incredibly safe to use even without a VPN or changing your browser settings.

For one, it has in-built capability to block website trackers and ads. It also protects you from fingerprinting by changing the unique browser signature every time you refresh a page. 

Brave switches all connections to HTTPS to guarantee the security of any data exchanged with the website.

If you need additional privacy, you can use the Private Window, which completely eliminates any form of data collection. It also gives you the option of browsing on the Tor engine.

Last but not least, Brave uses Google’s Safe Browsing algorithms to identify active threats and unsafe websites. It warns users via pop-ups whenever they try to connect to or download from harmful sites.

What Makes Brave Browser Secure?

The key security feature of the Brave browser is its open-source nature. It allows any weaknesses in the system architecture to be identified and fixed in good time.

The automatic script/ad/tracker blocking functionality also ensures users don’t get bogged down with malware, adware, and malicious requests.

Most importantly, the browser is updated regularly – roughly once every 4 weeks. Each update comes with new security fixes and occasionally features new performance features.

Does Brave Browser Track You?

Yes. As much as it offers more privacy and data security, Brave also collects some of your data. These include bookmarks, history, settings, and open tabs.

The objective is primarily to allow you to sync your data between devices, and give you a great browsing experience. 

To its credit, the company does keep most of the data it collects in Sync Chains, mostly stored in encrypted format in users’ phones. Plus, uploads to the central servers only take place occasionally. 

This is in contrast with other browsers like Google, which collect your data in real-time.

Does Brave Browser Hide Your Ip Address?

Brave is fundamentally a security browser, not a VPN service, and therefore doesn’t automatically hide your IP address. 

However, it does give you the option to use the Tor browser, which routes your connection through multiple proxies. 

By doing so, it hides your actual IP address from the government and other people who may be tracking you.

Does Brave Browser Sell Your Data?

No. Brave does not upload real-time logs of your browsing sessions to its servers. All your personally distinct data is encrypted and stored on your phone and deleted every time you start a new session.

However, your general browsing data may be shared with advertisers if you enable the Brave News and Brave Ads functions. 

Although it is not perfect, this system at least gives you the option to choose your preferences. This is way better than you get with other mainstream browsers.

Is Brave Safer Than Google?

Brave is safer than Google Chrome mainly because it automatically blocks all forms of ads, trackers, and scripts, saving you from malware, adware, and other threats. 

The Tor option, and the HTTPS Everywhere functionality, also contributes to Brave’s already strong security posture.

Safer Alternatives To Brave Browser

Tor is arguably safer than Brave, and it is popular among deep web visitors due to its foolproof security features. 

For one, it completely obscures your IP and automatically eliminates trackers by isolating every website. It also clears all site data by default once you leave the page.

Nonetheless, there are a few other applications that are almost as safe as the Brave Browser. These include Opera Mini, Vivaldi, Firefox Focus, Waterfox, and LibreWolf.

Final Thoughts

Generally, the Brave browser is a great choice for privacy-conscious users who also strive for faster load times. 

It is also much simpler and easier to use compared to its closest competitors, Chrome and Tor. 

Unlike the two, Brave does not require you to make any tweaks to activate security features – it is typically plug-and-play.

Nonetheless, if you are aiming for complete anonymity and privacy, the Tor browser is a better choice.