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Do Logitech Webcams Have Microphones? (Top 3)

3 Top Logitech Webcams With Mic:

Editor Choice
Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD...
Logi 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for Pro...
Budget Choice
Logitech C925-E Webcam, HD 1080p/30fps...
Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD...
Logi 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for Pro...
Logitech C925-E Webcam, HD 1080p/30fps...
Editor Choice
Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD...
Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD...
Logi 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for Pro...
Logi 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for Pro...
Budget Choice
Logitech C925-E Webcam, HD 1080p/30fps...
Logitech C925-E Webcam, HD 1080p/30fps...

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If you’re in the market for a webcam, you’ve probably run into a few with the Logitech brand. You may already own one and if you don’t, you’re probably considering Logitech as an option.

I’m here to push you over the edge of the purchasing cliff. You should probably get one.


Simple. Logitech built its brand reputation for offering exceptional computer accessories and they do no worse with their webcams.

They offer some exciting innovations, including 4K video, autofocus technology, and expansive field of view options.

Yet they still offer affordable options. Read 3 Logitech Webcam Under $100

Besides that, they’re pretty easy to set up, and you can go from unboxing to using them in all of five minutes. No set up instructions, no tinkering and no headaches.

They also support most video conferencing software in the market right now, including Zoom and Skype. For prospective users, this begs the question…

Do Logitech webcams have microphones?

Yes, they do. All Logitech webcams come equipped with an inbuilt microphone that helps you communicate clearly during live video calls.

Is getting a webcam with a mic better than a webcam without a mic?

I’d say it depends on what you want.

If you’re looking for a webcam that serves the singular purpose of streaming your content or handling frequent Zoom or Skype calls, your options are unlimited. The same goes for webcams with mics.

For example, there are many high-resolution webcams that have powerful omnidirectional mics that you can get right now and never have to worry about getting a separate mic. You will enjoy certain benefits.

First, it’s much cheaper to buy a multipurpose webcam than it is to buy a dedicated webcam and mic separately.

One common drawback? You can’t really change the location of your mic or position yourself too far away from it.

A dedicated webcam is perfect for people who love function-specific devices. Such webcams often come with better tools and advanced video capture functionality.

However, they come with one disadvantage: the high cost of buying extra sound equipment.

Either way, none is better than the other, provided you get a webcam that serves the specific function you want.

What Logitech webcams have microphones?

Let’s look at three of Logitech’s best webcam with a mic.

Brio Ultra HD

Last update on 2024-04-12 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

This is Logitech’s premier webcam, and for good reason. This device easily shatters through all the limits of your standard everyday webcams, making it the best option for advanced business functions.

You can get up to 4K UHD quality videos from Logitech’s Brio Ultra Webcam, and that’s just the easiest perk it offers.

Not only does the Brio Ultra offer 4K video recording, it does so at 30fps. At UHD resolution, that’s nothing short of spectacular.

At lower 1080p and HD 720p resolutions, you get to enjoy between 30fps and 90fps with unparalleled clarity and seamless quality. If you use Windows Hello, the Brio delivers secure facial recognition.

All you need is to look into the webcam to log into your computer.

The Brio webcam lets you adjust your field of view from between 65 degrees and 90 degrees’ diagonal.

Whether you want to flaunt your background or keep the view to just your head and shoulders, this webcam will give you just that.

Using RightLight 3 and HDR technology, this webcam adjusts your light settings automatically which allows you to conduct your meetings from anywhere.

Even in direct sunlight, this webcam will adjust your lighting to ensure that your audience sees you, and clearly at that. It is also suitable for low light conditions.

Two omnidirectional mics using noise canceling technology capture clear audio for all your video conferences and live streams.

Besides, reducing background noises, these inbuilt mics will capture your voice from up to one full meter away, making this webcam ideal for voice recording.

4K Pro Magnetic

Last update on 2024-04-12 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

The 4K Pro is just as breathtaking as the Apple Pro Display XDR that Logitech designed it for. With this webcam, you will communicate, collaborate and stream videos with extraordinary clarity.

Its magnetic base securely mounts this webcam to your XDR monitor, and won’t easily unmount, even if you tilt it up or down.

Its anodized aluminum finish blends seamlessly with your screen and your workplace, merging beauty with beastly performance.

4K UHD streaming at 30fps gives this webcam mammoth capability, impeccable clarity, and smoothness, packed in a stylish construction.

Just like the Brio before, the 4K Pro is ideal for use under diverse lighting conditions. It features both RightLight 3 and HDR technology that auto-adjusts your lighting, giving you sharp focus, even in direct sunlight.

It also offers up to 90 degrees’ diagonal, and a 52.2 degrees’ vertical field of view.

Its autofocus feature eliminates the need to adjust your camera constantly whenever you move. Besides that, the 4K Pro gives up to 5 times digital zoom in Full HD.

Two inbuilt omnidirectional mics with noise canceling technology pick up your voice within a one-meter range. This allows you to position yourself a fair distance from your screen without distorting your voice or picking any background noise.

Logitech 925e

Last update on 2024-04-12 / As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more about us.

Looking for a webcam while on a budget? Logitech’s 925e is the way to go. Not only do you get outstanding visual quality, but you also get accurate sound.

This webcam comes with upgraded hardware that reduces dependence on computer and network resources, delivering seamless video streams.

The 925e webcam offers a robust 1080p FHD video resolution, ideal for all your video conferencing needs.

You also get to stream video at 30fps, which is reasonable for such purposes. Besides getting crystal clear video, you also get HD autofocus.

Using RightLight 2 technology, this webcam automatically adjusts the lighting to bring you into sharp focus during your video calls.

Two omnidirectional mics pick up audio from up to one meter away, giving exceptional acuity when having conversations over video.

A built-in privacy shutter prevents video output when you’re away from your computer. It also prevents hackers from spying on you in case of a cyber-attack.

This webcam offers versatile mounting options to fit your needs. Whether you need to use it on your laptop, PC or tabletop, you can set it up fast. It also fits well on a tripod.

This webcam is easy to set up, and all you have to do is plug and play.

How to know if your webcam has a mic?

Does your webcam have a mic? How do you tell if it does?

Check the packaging

All companies show the features and capabilities of their webcams on the packaging of their devices.

This can be quite useful, especially if you go out to shop for them at an electronics store. Usually, the manufacturer will indicate if their webcam has an inbuilt microphone on top of the box or on the specifications sticker.

Ask an expert

Your local electronics store may not be the world’s one-stop shop for all matters tech, but the owner or the store assistant knows a lot about what they sell. Ask. They’ll often give you helpful answers.

If that isn’t enough, check out online forums like Reddit or Quora. You’ll find many of your questions answered there, including this one.

Check the Manufacturer’s website

Often, your manufacturer has a website with full descriptions of all the webcams they offer. Google the brand and model number of your device and you’ll find the manufacturer’s page with a full product description on your specific webcam.

Observe your camera

If your camera has a microphone, you’ll often notice several tiny grouped dots. They may be few or many but often close together in neat circular, square or linear piles. These dots usually show that your webcam has a mic.

Test your webcam

Get hands-on with your device and test it. When you plug it into your PC, does it detect a microphone? What happens to the sound tester if you speak into the webcam? Does it move? If so, your webcam has a mic.

How to use a Logitech webcam microphone?

Logitech webcams mics are pretty easy to use. In some computers, once you plug it in, that’s it. Your computer will auto-configure your device and get it ready for use.

In other PCs, you may have to select the specific mic you want to use from a drop-down menu on your sound settings.

Once selected, your device should work normally.

Final Thoughts and Best Pick

You can never go wrong with a webcam that has an inbuilt microphone. Not only do you save on the cost of purchase, but you also get a device with superior capabilities.

If you’re getting a Logitech webcam, you’re guaranteed outstanding quality, even if you buy their most economical option.

My best pick is the Brio Ultra HD Pro webcam. Besides using a beautifully crafted design, it simply blows me away with its performance.

The dual omnidirectional microphones on this device use noise-canceling technology, a useful feature in today’s sound market. It’s quite pricey, but if you’re as uncompromising as I am with both style and functionality, you’ll go for it.