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5 Popular Raycon Earbuds Alternatives (Guide)

You’ve heard about Raycon earbuds and just how good they are, but you might be wondering whether there are other alternatives for its price point? Raycon’s are a bit pricier than the average earbuds, and if you’re on the market…


Raycon Earbuds Vs Google Pixel Buds (Reviewed)

In a rather competitive earbud market, two names easily stand out. Google Pixel buds and Raycon Earbuds have been with us for quite a while, and both earbud brands are elite in their qualities. From silky high-end hardware to immersive…


5 Popular Wireless Earbuds for iPad Air 4

If you own an iPad Air 4, you will need a good pair of earbuds to listen to music and watch videos. While the iPad Air 4 comes with a headphone jack, the sound quality and portability difference alone is…


4 Best Wireless Earbuds for Fire Tablet (Guide)

Amazon Fire tablets are incredibly accessible — they’re the everyman’s tablet because they’re affordable, reliable, and will generally fill your basic tablet needs. Amazon regularly offers pretty drastic deals on Fire Tablets. On an average day, you can grab the…


Raycon Earbuds: 7 Answers (Waterproof & Brand)

Your earbuds are an investment- and we know you’re looking to get a good value for the price you’ll eventually pay. Before you buy just any new earbuds, we wanted to explore Raycon specifically. You’ve likely heard or seen advertisements…


6 Cheap Earbuds For Students (Guide)

Are you studying for your final exams? Are you doing research for a term paper? Then this shouldn’t be new to you. Many students study while wearing headphones, earphones, or earbuds. In fact, it is very beneficial to use them….