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Can Telegram Work Without Internet (10 Questions)

Some apps have working functionalities even when you are out of internet access.

Sometimes you can schedule messages, draft them or just check data when you are disconnected. In this article, we will check what Telegram has in store for you when you are offline.

Can Telegram work without the internet?

Yes. Some of Telegram’s functionalities can work even without access to the internet.

Sure, you must already be aware that you won’t be able to actually chat with anyone on those conditions.

However, you can still check photos and messages you received on your phone in case there is something important you need to review (like job instructions, for example).

Moreover, you can also write messages that will only be sent to other users once you retrieve the connection.

We are only giving a brief glimpse of how Telegram works in offline mode. To learn more, check the topics below.

What is offline mode?

The offline mode on Telegram is actually called the invisible mode. It is a way to hide that you are online so that people don’t need to know whether you are using the app or not.

This allows for more privacy when you are a person that likes to keep matters to yourself.

The only disadvantage of activating the invisible mode of Telegram is that you will not be able to see the status of the rest of your contacts, much less their last connection time, just as they will not be able to see your information.

What can you do in the offline mode?

The offline mode doesn’t change much of your experience using the app.

You can keep doing everything you would normally do in the app, such as view messages, talk to anyone, send images, etc.

What changes when you are in invisible/offline mode is that the invisibility works in the other direction too.

While no one can know you are online, you also can’t know whether someone is online or offline.

When you send a new message on invisible mode, you don’t know if the person who you texted will answer immediately or take a while to do so.

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How can you stay offline on telegram?

Once Telegram is installed on your phone, enabling the invisible mode is quick:

  • Open the Telegram application from your cell phone.
  • Click on the menu with three lines, located in the upper left.
  • In the new options menu, choose the one that says Settings.
  • Then select the Privacy and security option.
  • In the Privacy section, click where it says Last time online.
  • It will ask you who can see your last connection and your online status. Choose the option that suits you best. “Everyone”, “My contacts” or “Nobody”. There is also a special “Do not share with” option.
  • In this case, you must select “Nobody” and finally click on the checkbox in the upper right to save the changes.

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How can you chat without the Internet?

You can’t actually chat without the internet on Telegram

As already said, you can write messages or schedule them and they will be delivered once you connect your phone to a network again.

To chat without any connection to the internet, there are some apps that allow you to use the Bluetooth connection.

As you can imagine, this only allows you to send messages to those very close to you, so this is only good when you are, for example, camping or going to any place without internet access but you need to send a message when you are more than a few meters distant.

Apps that allow you to chat via Bluetooth include Bridgefy, FireChat, and Briar.

If you are going to a place without internet with friends and/or family, you can install one of these apps and ask your peers to install it too.

This way everyone can stay in touch when necessary.

Can you see someone online on Telegram?

Yes, you can usually see who is online on Telegram when you check your contacts.

Of course, you will only see if a person is online if they didn’t activate the invisible mode. If someone has invisible mode enabled, you will never know when that person is online.

How do you know if someone is stalking you on Telegram?

It is hard to define “stalking” on Telegram since there isn’t much to actually talk about. Even so, if you are curious about who is viewing your profile, a few methods can make you happy.

Telegram Checker Tool

This is not an official function developed by Telegram but is actually a third-party tool you will have to download from the app store (available for iOS and Android).

This apps allows you to learn who viewed your profile recently, but it comes with complementary features too.

One feature will require that other users accept your invitation to use the app, and then you will be able to know about their activity (as well as they will be able to know yours).

This seems a bit invasive, but it only works if they agree.

Telegram Bot

If you want an easier tool that has only a very straightforward option, then go for the official bot that shows whoever viewed your profile.

The first thing to do is open Telegram on your phone and find the bot tool. Then, tap on who viewed your profile and choose the bot you wish to use.

When you join the bot channel, you can view the list of people who visited your profile.

Can you hide your active status from one person?

Yes, you can.

Remember when we taught you to hide your status from everyone? When following the same procedure, you can opt to hide from only one person or a few people.

If perhaps you only want your closest friends and also romantic partner to see that you are online, you can choose all the other people to not see your current status.

Does Telegram use WIFI or data?

Telegram is a typical messaging app that can be used both in Wi-Fi networks or using your 4G/5G connection.

If you pay for limited data every month, then Telegram has the disadvantage of consuming more data when making calls than WhatsApp.

However, its call quality is better, so you are consuming more for better quality, which makes perfect sense.

Another factor that weighs on data consumption is whether you joined lots of chat groups and keep receiving messages when you are connected via 4G.

This is the same issue with any messaging app, so there is no way to tell Telegram apart from WhatsApp in this matter.

How much data does Telegram use?

For messaging, there is no better friend to your data usage than Telegram.

To compare, Telegram uses up to 3,75MB in an hour of constant messaging, while WhatsApp uses 6,23MB during the same amount of time. Other apps use much more data.

On the other hand, Telegram uses more data for audio and video calls. That is because its quality is better and the company hasn’t invested in a better compression algorithm as of yet.

However, you will probably use the messaging function much more, so you truly shouldn’t worry about the data usage of calls.

Also, if you receive audio messages from other people, all you have to do is enable the Voicy bot.

This bot transforms all audio messages into text messages, lowering the data consumption and making it easier if you are on the run and don’t have an earphone with you all the time.

Final Thoughts

Telegram has amazing features that people should learn about when they are choosing a messaging app to talk with friends.

As of now, Telegram is gaining more popularity. If you were unsure whether you should use Telegram, now you know it is a good option.