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3 Motley Fool Alternatives That Have Mobile App

Financial advice has become something everyone with even a little to invest is interested in nowadays.

Motley Fool is one of the most popular companies that offer this type of service in the USA, but it is not the only one.

In this article, we will talk a bit about great options if you are always on the go looking for constantly updated ways of keeping up with the stock market.

Does Motley Fool have an app?

It seems that Motley Fool currently has an outdated app.

The app isn’t great for users that need data delivered in a concise and instructive way, and Motley Fool itself asks that customers don’t use the app as the company thinks of a new way to revitalize the mobile support.

Motley Fool asks all its customers to stick to the site as it has all features one should need to keep up with the stock market and make new investments.

It should be well optimized for mobile browsers, but we all know that apps have better resources in a mobile OS.

This leads us to the next topic.

Best Alternatives that have a mobile app

Having the option of checking your finances and investments on the go matters deeply.

After all, financial markets are volatile, and depending on what you are investing, you need to keep an eye out as much as possible.

Apps help with that as you can set up notifications and simply scroll or swipe through all the information you need.

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Here you can briefly check what are the top apps for financial investment right now.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4, or MT4 for short, is a sophisticated trading platform that offers tools for customers to dive deep into complex trades.

They can create and automate trades and grasp an in-depth understanding of market indicators that help them learn what investments are worth making at the right time.

US customers that generally trade on the foreign exchange (forex) will love it as the devs have put much effort into bringing innovative tools that help this type of trader.

Downloading MT4 and starting on it is free.

However, if you are going to use it to invest genuinely, you will start spending money (as is expected).

You can check everything about the app here.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the top-rated apps to keep track of investments or just daily finances.

One person could benefit from both aspects, but if you are only interested in one of them, you will also be pleased with the app.

For advanced users with at least $100,000 in savings, Personal Capital offers a Robo-advisor service to further help with significant investments.

As for the side of keeping up with your finances, Personal Capital is famous for providing a holistic view of your expenses and cash flow.

You can sync your financial accounts to get a good view of where your money is going so you can learn where you could cut in case you need to.

You can check Personal Capital here.


Beginners need simple solutions to start making their way through financial markets. Robinhood delivers that precisely.

On the app, users can buy fractional shares, get updates on investments they made, and arrange customized notifications to keep up with everything that seems interesting.

The interface is one of the easiest to keep up among financial tracking apps, helping beginners learn more every day and turning them into experts in the long run.

Fractional shares investments are optimal for beginners who might be scared of investing high amounts, letting them invest just a few with not too high a risk.

Robinhood is commission-free, and you can check all about it here.

What is the best stock alert app?

This depends on the criteria that matter for each user.

For example, new users looking to invest small sums of money will find utility in apps such as Robinhood. In contrast, advanced users want more complex solutions such as Personal Capital, Morningstar, SigFig, etc.

Each app can have many features to help you with different aspects of investing in stocks, talking to experts, etc.

If all you want is a straightforward tool to keep an eye on the stock market worldwide, then Investing.com seems like a great option.

Investing.com is free but has a premium plan for users that need advanced features.

It lets you keep watch of specific stocks all around the globe and set alarms to notify you when a stock changes its value.

Why use mobile apps for stocks?

Mobile apps make many tasks quicker and smoother.

Watching stocks as well as buying and selling them is one huge example.

With an app to manage your stocks, you can always see when prices go down or go up at the time it happens.

As your smartphone is always by your side, you will receive a notification by the time a stock you want to buy reaches the price you are willing to pay. This saves time.

Also, transactions are very fast on apps, and you don’t have to pay lots of fees.

What is the best stock picking website?

Stock picking services provide customers with comprehensive data regarding the best stock options to buy at a certain moment.

These services analyze stock data so that you don’t have to learn how to do it or waste time with it.

So, what is the best?

Even though the focus of this article is to offer app alternatives to Motley Fool, this site is still the best when it comes to making customers happy when they buy stocks.

Motley Fool has an impressive track record of helping customers choose the right stocks to make a profit.

With that in mind, you can pick Motley Fool as your stock advisor and still keep an eye on stocks with some free app.

This still might make you learn a thing or two about stock investments.

Does Google have a stock app?

Google still doesn’t count with an app fully dedicated to tracking stocks.

Even so, you can use Google Now (it is simply the Google app you probably already have on your phone) to track stocks.

This feature isn’t as good as any of the apps recommended here, but it can ignite someone’s curiosity regarding the stocks market.

Final thoughts

Buying stocks and making a profit off them has become common nowadays, especially because of apps being accessible to almost everyone. Choosing the right app, then, is essential.

We hope that the brief overviews provided here help you pick a good app to keep with the ups and downs of the stocks you are interested in buying.