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Is Mechanical Keyboard Good For Office (8 Short Answers)

If your work involves typing all day, you might be thinking about what type of keyboard is better for the task, both in terms of comfort and responsiveness.

In this article, we’ll take a dive into the subject and explore whether mechanical keyboards bring any benefit to your professional life.

Is a mechanical keyboard good for the office?

For office work, the best option is to go with MX Brown switches, because they make less noise. That, paired with O-rings, can drastically reduce the noise levels so that people won’t complain about noise and you won’t be viewed as the annoying co-worker.

Are mechanical keyboards good for work?

Mechanical keyboards can bring great improvement to your professional life. They’re more responsive, last longer, and you can also choose the type of switches you want, so they adapt to your style or needs. But for shared spaces such as offices, we recommend MX Brown with O-rings.

Why are mechanical keyboards popular?

Mechanical keyboards are popular because they last longer, and they’re customizable. A mechanical keyboard can last up to 70 million key presses, while common membrane keyboards barely reach 5 million.

Besides life span, you can choose switches that are perfect for any task at hand. For working, Cherry MX (the official manufacturer of mechanical keyboards) offers tactile switches like the Grey, White, and Brown (Brown is the most silent).

There are clicky tactile switches, the Green and Blue, that are a bit noisier. On the opposite end are the linear switches that are preferred by gamers, including Black, Silent Red, Red, and Speed Silver.

Are mechanical keyboards harder to press?

Mechanical keyboards are a bit harder to press when compared to membrane keyboards. However, over time you get used and you notice that you end up typing fast and more accurately than on a membrane model.

Is a mechanical keyboard good for productivity?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard is good for productivity because over time it allows you to type faster and with more precision. Moreover, most mechanical keyboards come with LED lights and programmable keys, which can be customized to increase your productivity.

Is it worth buying a mechanical keyboard?

It is absolutely worth buying a mechanical keyboard if you value precision when typing.

However, if you never used one, you should consider checking if any friend or coworker has one that you can use for a bit before you decide that you want one too. The differences between mechanical and membrane are noticeable, and your comfort should come first. So, test a bit and see if that is what you want.

Which keyboard is best for office use?

Keyboard with MX Brown switches is the best option for office applications. MX Brown switches have an amazing tactile feel, allowing for the best responsiveness and letting you know exactly which keys you pressed and which you didn’t.

Moreover, MX Brown is the quietest type. For a bit more silence, you can consider getting O-rings.

Is mechanical better than membrane?

In addition to their long-term durability, mechanical keyboards are a better option for several reasons:

No wearing out sensation

Switches made of mechanical materials are not only more durable but are also less likely to fail. Even after many years of use, typing on a mechanical keyboard still feels fresh.

The switches used for mechanical keyboards are much more durable than those on membrane models, and they also fail much less.

While membrane keyboards wear out easily and you start to feel like they get clunky over time, a mechanical keyboard still feels fresh to type even after a long time.

More options and a better experience

There are several switch variations, each with its unique set of characteristics (as we already explained). You may purchase switches tailored to your individual needs, such as professional writing or gaming.

Stability on your desk

Mechanical keyboards are heavier than other keyboard models, which helps them stay sturdier on your workstation. This means they won’t gradually slide upward or downward as a result of your finger pressure.


Anti-ghosting on a keyboard refers to the capability of registering several keys together. A mechanical keyboard is equipped with 104 anti-ghosting keys, more than twice the amount found on a membrane keyboard.

Final thoughts

If you want to improve precision when typing during hours in the office, nothing better than resorting to a mechanical keyboard. Just remember that these keyboards are noisy, so buy O-rings to lower the noise level.