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Is Apple Keyboard Ergonomic (Guide)

If you love your Mac, Macbook Pro and other apple products, you have plenty of good reasons to do so.

You already know that it can be a challenge to find accessories, such as ergonomic keyboards, for Apple products. However, there are still great products to choose from, as discussed below.

Read on as we explore whether the Apple keyboard is ergonomic.

Is Apple keyboard ergonomic?

The Apple Magic Keyboard delivers precision and comfort with every keystroke. This wireless keyboard let you travel untethered and it’s easy to recharge.

It has a long-lasting internal battery, so you can take the device with you wherever you go. In fact, you might go a month or so between charges.

Reviews are mixed with some technical users quite fond of this ergo Apple keyboard. Other users say it has decent ergonomics but would like to see incline settings in future models.

Additionally, the keyboard doesn’t have a built-in wrist rest, so you’d have to purchase one separately and carry it with you.

However, Apple Magic Keyboard has convenient, low-profile keys that make typing less stressful.

If you use your Mac in dark rooms, you might find the lack of backlighting inconvenient. However, if you find backlighting distracting, this could be the keyboard for you.

Since it’s an Apple product, it’s compatible with your Mac products. So, if you are used to certain keys or fond of particular features, you’re likely to find them in this Apple keyboard.

Its 78-key design accommodates dozens of characters and symbols in a compact typing block. This accommodates the ergonomics of the human hand.

What are ergonomic keyboards?

Ergonomic keyboards promote proper posture and may alleviate or prevent wrist and hand injury due to repetitive motion, carpal tunnel syndrome, and similar conditions.

Some ergonomic keyboards consist of two different sections.

The adjustable split keyboards allow you to achieve the most comfortable setting for your hands.

If you have a broad chest, for example, a split keyboard can help you keep your elbows comfortably separated.

You could hold handheld ergo keyboards like a game controller, allowing you to move around or lean back in the chair while typing.

Meanwhile, angle split keyboards have a tent like middle section that allows you to more naturally position your index fingers and little fingers.

Other ergonomic keyboards have vertically aligned keys to help you maintain hand positions perpendicular to the ground. Still others have different elevations and rotations designed to make them more ergonomic.

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How ergonomic is the Apple magic keyboard?

The forward-looking Apple Magic Keyboard has a superior design. You may not notice the refinements until you take a closer look.

In the latest model, the keys feel larger beneath your fingers. Although they’re actually the same size, the experience has changed due to flatter keys. Older versions had rounded edges the decrease the space for your fingertips.

You may even find yourself typing a little faster!

Are Apple keyboards comfortable?          

Apple keyboards are quite comfortable once you get used to them. Ergonomic keyboards typically have one or two different sections with a compact typing area for better flow.

After you get beyond the learning curve, they become quite comfortable to use. However, some people never get used to the new positions and end up going back to traditional keyboards.

Is there an ergonomic keyboard for MacBook pro? 

It can be a challenge to find an ergonomic keyboard compatible with a MacBook pro, but here are two that are worth checking out.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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The Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is a great keyboard if you use your MacBook Pro for office work.


The keys offer tactile feedback and feel light and easy to use. Therefore, this can alleviate fatigue if you type for long periods of time.


This keyboard connects to Bluetooth on any device. Just keep in mind that you can only connect one device at a time.

The numeric keypad makes it ideal for spreadsheets and accounting, and the full-sized arrows make gaming more intuitive.


  • The touch ID feature works with select macOS computers.
  • It has no multi-device pairing.
  • Key scissor mechanism provides better key stability.

Macally Mac Wired Keyboard

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The Macally Mac Wired Keyboard is designed for efficiency and comfort when using your MacBook pro.


With a padded wrist cushion, this wired keyboard can prevent fatigue and protect your wrists from strain when you have a monster typing marathon due to a pending deadline.


The Mcnally Mac Wired Keyboard has a split ergonomic design. This allows for natural typing instead of the awkward positions of traditional keyboards.

The two zones included angle design for correct forearm and hand posture.


  • There can be a long learning curve if you’re used to a traditional keyboard.
  • The lettering sometimes rubs off making it difficult to use, according to some user reviews.

What sets it apart from the competition

The Macally Mac Wired Keyboard has 110 keys, a numeric keypad, LED indicators, and 21 MacOSX shortcuts.

How it has evolved from previous models

Added shortcuts make the latest model even better than previous one.

Is Apple Magic keyboard silent?

No keyboard is 100% silent. However, the Apple Magic Keyboard has a ‘Silent clicking’ feature you can turn on or off.

What is so special about the Apple Magic Keyboard?

The Apple Magic Keyboard has one of the best designs of any ergonomic keyboard on the market. With backlit keys, an integrated trackpad, and an attractive floating design, it has both personality and functionality.

The device pairs automatically with your Mac products. You can pair and charge it via your Mac’s USB-C port.

Is Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Compatible with Mac?

Yes! Not only that, but it also automatically pairs up when you plug in the USB dongle to your MacBook.

Final thoughts

Between the Macally Mac Wired Keyboard and the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, we chose the Apple Magic Keyboard for its wireless functionality and compatibility to MacBook pro devices.