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Does Logitech Webcam Work With PS5?

Read our answer to the question: Does Logitech webcam work with PS5?


3 Quietest Logitech Keyboards (Buying Guide)

Traditional mechanical keyboards are usually loud, and they can be distractive in the workplace or even at home. By buying a quiet keyboard, you will be able to work or play your favorite games in silence without ever disturbing others….

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Do You Need An iPad Pro For Procreate?

Are you looking to start out as a graphic designer on your iPad? Do you enjoy drawing, creating images or illustrations, and would like to take your work to the next level? No Problem. Apple has your back with the…

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Can Procreate Edit Photos? (Yes and More!)

Procreate is a user-friendly platform that many beginners and professional digital artists love. That’s because it doesn’t confuse you with complicated toolbars, so the beginners can get to know the software without panicking. Meanwhile, the professionals know where to find…

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3 Popular Logitech Headsets for Work (Guide)

Using a headset for work offers you so many benefits. Firstly, you will be able to improve your posture since the headset allows you to sit upright and remain hands-free.  Headsets also improve productivity at work by preventing distractions and…

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Procreate Video Editing (Full Guide)

Procreate is a top-rated digital art platform, mostly famous for its great tools and brushes as well as its intuitive interface. It makes drawing and painting fun and easy for both beginners and professionals. However, some users love Procreate for…


4 Best Wireless Earbuds for Discord (Guide)

If you’re tired of the headphone’s tangled wires or the headsets’ extra weight while playing with your friends and chatting with them on discord, you need to switch to wireless earbuds.  Read on to discover some of the most affordable…