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4 Best Wireless Earbuds for Discord (Guide)

If you’re tired of the headphone’s tangled wires or the headsets’ extra weight while playing with your friends and chatting with them on discord, you need to switch to wireless earbuds.  Read on to discover some of the most affordable…


5 Popular Gaming Laptops for xCloud (Guide)

Project xCloud, now under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, is a public cloud gaming platform developed by Microsoft for Xbox users. On this platform, you can access over 150 Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games which you can play…


5 Popular Laptops For OBS Streaming (Buying Guide)

Streaming your gaming experience to the world can be quite a satisfying experience. From mind-blowing kill streaks on Call of Duty to thrilling missions on Assassin’s Creed, you can use OBS Studio to show off your skills on YouTube, Twitter…