About me


My name is Karim. I am an engineer, based in Canada, passionate about technology and the internet.

Same as a lot of you out there, I am working now from home. Which made me even more excited about the web and technology in general. Without which, it wouldn’t have been possible to get our work done remotely.

This passion is what made me create this website and share what I learned with you.

Some of the links on my website are referrals. This means when you purchase through them, I may earn a commission. It helps keep this website running.


I don’t write everything here myself. There is an amazing team of experts who write great content whenever we publish about a detailed technical topic. Our focus is to help you find the information you are looking for that may not be there elsewhere.


I love to keep things simple. That is why you don’t see many ads, a comments section, subscription forms, or unnecessary thumbnails in my blog. I want to keep it as neat so it’d be less distracting to you and easier for me.

It also keeps the website’s loading time short so I don’t waste your time waiting for pages to load. Your time is precious. Click through my Home page and see how fast it’ll load. All I need, is that you come here, find the info you are looking for, leave happy and visit me again in the future!

Contact me

In case you wanted to get in touch, I will be very happy to hear from you. Message me on LinkedIn or send me a line to my email.